Elements of Internet Marketing: Blogging.

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DISCLAIMER: From time to time, Jessica N. Abraham posts articles related to the basic elements of Internet Marketing. While it is not breaking news, or even new at all, it is a necessity for those seeking knowledge of Internet Marketing to understand. Often over underestimated and assumed-knowledge subjects are overlooked. This is not productive to anyone, potential consumers, clients or experts alike. This particular article covers the basic element of Blogging.

Upon working with a recent Social Branding project, it was brought to my attention that there are those “tech-savvy” consumers in the World that still do not know what blogging actually is. I honestly almost fell on the floor laughing when I heard this from a person that, in my opinion, probably even has a blog with a thriving audience. What made me want to laugh even harder was the serious look on his face when he told me. I really thought, “This guy is really trying to be funny…” But, when he started to look up the definition and ask me about it, I realized he was dead serious. And, of course, I apologized.

While working on this project, I continued coming across those amongst us that really do not know what blogging was. Those that knew what blogging is, they didn’t necessarily understand it or why it is so beneficial to any brand. When they found out that people are actually paid to blog, they were the ones even more shocked than I was that they didn’t know what blogging was! And, this is why I feel it is important to explain to my reading audiences what blogging is, how to do it effectively, and how you can benefit from it. For those of you that know what blogging is, let this be a refresher and a reference point for future projects or for relaying the information to others in need.

So, what is blogging? The definition of blogging is very basic, yet very broad. The definition that Dictionary.com gives us is this:
blog noun
[blawg, blog] Show IPA noun, verb, blogged, blog·ging.
1. a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc.,and often having images and links to other Web sites.

A blog is generally created in one of three forms:
1. Surrounding multiple, specialized areas of interest similar to a magazine or a news site.
2. Written from the point of view of one author, almost as a diary of thoughts or opinions.
3. Covering one area of interest or expertise. There usually will be a theme taking place within posts.

Blogging has no specific critera. It doesn’t even have to be written in the first or third person every time! Some blogs contain Social Media that becomes viral, such as pictures, video and audio. Some blogs are solely video placed on a site with simple description. Some people actually prefer to put their blogs into video form. These are called Vlogs and are very popular, especially on Video Content sites like Youtube, DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Vlogs actually do pretty well, because audience attention-spans are lessening and they would rather watch a video than read a written article. On the contrary, Blogs are extremely popular in niche crowds, and people use RSS feeds (to the minute alerts of your actual blogs) to see what new and interesting blogs have been posted surrounding their topics of interest! Some feeds allow Vlogs and other content to appear within, while many still do not have the technology to do so. Due to growing demand, many websites have been established using this Vlog concept!

Blogging in any format can be very beneficial to a brand. It brings about Awareness to events, products, services, news, and more! Blogging gives brands the arena to tell their brand’s story, in creating and maintaining Brand Loyalty amongst enthusiasts. Blogs are also a great venue to combat negative press or reactions to anything related to the brand. Issues can be address, and another side of the story can be told. Apologies can also and should be given, retaining new and potentially-unhappy consumers; hence, they are great for press.

Blogs are great for SEO and Internet Marketing Strategy. As a matter of fact, Blogging is a major point of interest for these two elements of Marketing. You see, organic search can take place based on content created on the site through text and media content. Organic Ranking is the placement of a blog or website, based on search query and return from a search engine. The more content you create, the more likely you will rank and be found for certain keywords and phrases. This means that less money would need spent on Pay-Per-Click or Adwords advertising budgets. They are still, however, recommended.

On the topic of Internet Marketing and SEO Strategy, as related to blogging, blogs are great for many other things in these categories. Backlinking to and from other sites will help your rank in search engines. Backlinking is the act of creating a one or two-way links (multiple links are given other names, such as Link Pyramids and Link Wheels) between sites. The more backlinks, the higher credibility your site or blog receives in engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

There are so many things that Blogging is great for. But, the most important thing is this: “How can I make money from blogging?” The answer is “an unlimited number of ways…” People make money through advertising. You charge advertisers to talk about their brand, through review or announcement. You charge them for actual advertising and banners. You can charge people to place their videos and other content Online or write an article for them. You can use your blog to emphasize your expertise in a particular arena. Then, you can link them to wherever they can take advantage of your products and services.

Enticing audiences to go somewhere and do what you want them to do is called a “Call to Action.” Most blogs are written for this reason. They may include contact forms for leads generation, or direct people to their products and services. Some blogs even include call buttons so that you are directly connected to that blogs owner.

These days, there are many people paying others to blog for their site. As of right now, I blog for a few sites. One site I market is actually a blog site that has the mission of helping a minimum of 50,000 college students to graduate debt-free by kissing Sallie Mae goodbye! They do this by allowing “generators” to blog and refer people to the site! In turn, they get paid to speak their mind! In addition to a paycheck, these kids also earn Internet Marketing experience FIRST HAND and how to blog to grasp a user’s attention. They will also have a portfolio to show any future clients and/or employers when asked if they are capable of writing and engaging with audiences!

TO MY READERS: If you are not blogging about something, I truly recommend you start today! You never know how much it will benefit your future plans. And, once that future knocks at your door, you realize that you always could have been blogging sooner or more… no matter how much you blog! Start blogging today!

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Social Network created to free college students of student loan debt. (Video)

#LetsBeHonest… When it comes to student loans, we have basically signed ourselves into slavery in order to have a framed piece of paper on our wall. All our hopes and dreams are basically useless, because we have to work overtime at our side jobs just to make our monthly payments and have food in our fridge. We are too burnt out to pursue our careers once the day is over. And in reality, we are only paying the climbing interest rates with nothing being added to the original loan!

What would you do if you could actually blow Ms. Sallie Mae a kiss goodbye, enjoy doing what you love, while getting paid to speak your mind? Enter Let’s Be Honest.

Let’s Be Honest is the brainchild of Orlando’s own, Mirwais “Mike” Nafey. He founded this site with the goal of helping at least 50,000 college studentsbecome debt free from student loans, while giving them the room to launch and operate their own businesses in time. This is very important, he feels, because most grads either 1.) have difficulty securing work in their field and fall into the “loop” of becoming a robot to the economy, or 2.) they are held back from their true potential by drowning in debt. The goal is to help these grads to become more of an asset to this world by empowering them and encouraging them to follow their dreams without the stress of financial hardship and debt!

lets be honest, work from home, make money online, blog and get paid
Let’s Be Honest allows users to “speak their opinions boldly” and get paid for it! Users are encouraged to bring friends and open-minded, opinionated classmates to the site by getting paid for each person that joins in the conversation. The site is backed by investment companies and soon-to-be advertisers with an “at the moment” non disclosable means of revenue generation that will allow the Social Network to be self-sufficient. The site is free for users to join. Yet, residual income is paid monthly to them via payroll through Wells Fargo!

In the next week, the site will continue to evolve into something much larger and better. Within the next month, implementation of Let’sBeHonestTV will be ready for release, along with a few other cool features! The site already gives users the ability to speak freely, unjudged and engage in interesting conversation with others on the site! You don’t have to be someone’s friend to engage in conversation, and conversations are catalogued by category! This means that someone REALLY has to “stalk you” to even know what you have been up to on the site!

Nafey realizes that our future is in the hands of our youth. It is through them that we truly have hope. He promotes the idea that this generation should benefit just as much as any large corporation, like Facebook, because THEY are the ones generating content, inviting their friends, spreading word about these sites and keeping it alive. Therefore, “The Generator Program” was created. Why should anyone else be paid for what these college kids are doing for free?

After just two months of Beta-launch in testing the waters and better understanding the markets, Let’s Be Honest is ready to release the actual site and have it running very shortly! Many have joined in Beta-launch and have been leading the site to achieving a rapid increase in new members. Top members alone have single-handedly lead to almost a thousand new joins in just this short time! As the “kinks” have been ironed out, we have begun to see users active on LBH using #letsbehonest hashtags all over popular Social Networks, such as Twitter and Facebook! Is this site really that addicting? Find out for yourself, and cash in on the fun!

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Internet Marketing Strategy mends broken hearts and brings couples closer!

relationship advice, relationship advice by phone, dating advice, jessica abraham, ingenio, keen, niteflirt, ether, liveadvice, shorty produkshins, shorty productions
Internet Marketing and Social Branding have allowed us to extend our means beyond expected “Barriers of Entry” into the World of Business and Industry. In today’s world, barriers simple do not exist, especially when there is a need that out supplies the overall population. If you can fill a void that is in extreme “need of a fixin’” and watch trends in Social Conversation, you will find that any business will take off like wild fire! Take “LOVE” for example. This word is used in about a million-and-one conversations just around the net itself. How many times do people speak on this topic on a regular basis outside of social networks?

In analyzing this topic more, Jessica N. Abraham came up with a solution. “You see, most people are either heartbroken, very intrigued by someone special, trying to keep a relationship alive or trying to find ways to keep their relationship together. Many would like someone special in their life but have become discouraged by it. Others are too shy to approach those who have grasped their interests and wouldn’t know the first thing about dating but would like to. The rest are trying to come up with ways to better please their lover, where they may otherwise ‘come up short.’ For years, I have been helping friends, family and those that have been passed in my direction for advice in the areas of Relationships and Dating. Many times, the conversation becomes very complex, and I am here to analyze and help to help better the situation.”

Through years of providing free advice to those in need,Jessica N. Abraham, already A 24/7 Internet Marketing Consultant, decided to open her phone lines to allow “24/7 Relationship and Dating Advice by Phone.” She started UnbreakMyHeart.me to point the heartbroken and insecure in the direction of her “private telephone and text chat advice line.” UnbreakMyHeart.me’s servicing is powered by Ingenio, who is owned byAT&T and Yellow Pages and was recently acquired by an investment firm in San Francisco. Ingenio is a sister brand of Keen.comEther.com and LiveAdvice.com. These sites are all responsible for providing quality service to those in need of consultation, advice and coaching in areas of interest, including Business, Love, Friendship, Industry and more! Through Ingenio, Jessica is able to offer first time callers with three free minutes in order to try her services with no strings attached!

There are many ways that Jessica N. Abraham has learned to bring awareness to her new venture through Internet Marketing and Social Branding. “I have an Online Promotions Company that actually specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactic. Through over 10 years of experience — and we are now in our tenth year — we have learned many tricks of the trade. In keeping ethical through our approach, we enter social conversation — often giving free advice, create Social Media, have “LIKE” and Twitter pages, blog on and off site, use SEO tactic and more! When it comes to Relationship Advice, however, people often seek YOU out, because they have no one else to turn to!”

Currently, Jessica Abraham holds a strong hold on position through Ingenio’s adviser platform due to quality servicing and holds a 5-star ranking amongst her clientele. Many of these individuals have become regulars. Thus far, she has brought together many happy couples, helped a few people get out and over bad relationships and heartbreaks, brought married couples closer and instilled self-confidence within most of her callers.

“When things are going right, you most likely won’t hear from a regular for a while. But, for me, there are 6.67 billion other people in the world and my goal is to actually make someone a happier person in love. And, I will continue to use Internet Marketing as my means of reaching out to those people in need, who are often to scared to ask for help or openly speak with those they know. Because these services are private, I will never know the location, personal information or even name of these individuals unless they tell me. I think they feel more secure and able to open up because of this.”

Need Relationship and Dating Advice? Try UnbreakMyHeart today, and get three free minutes to try the service!

shorty produkshins, relationship and dating advice, relationship advice, matchmaking, marriage counsellor pittsburgh, cuchold advice, feminization relationship
shorty produkshins, unbreak my heart, relationship advice, marriage counsellor orlando, dating advice pittsburgh, internet marketing, jessica abraham

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Let’s Be Honest…and be paid for it!

get paid to blog, get paid to promote, work from home, social media manager

Have you ever been on FacebookTwitter or on any other Social Network and wanted so badly to speak on a topic, whether through comment and/or status, and remembered that statuses are automatically placed into the Newsfeed and your Mommy, Daddy or Pastor might see it? Well, there is a new Social Network that allows you to speak your mind, getting controversial topics off your chest. The best part is… you will be paid for it! “Let’s Be Honest,” that’s all you have to do!

Basically, it’s like this: This site is very new. They are working on building up their network base. Instead of paying for traffic to the site through paid advertising that may or may not return investments, they are paying every day influencers that will bring new members and benefit SEO to the sites database. Once conversation is started, it can be repeated and continued on. Once people become part of something, they are more than likely to become Brand Loyalists and stay with the brand through all changes.

There are a few sites that are doing this right now. They are paying for activity and members. And, it is heeding successful. Businesses are finding new ways to promote their business to the masses. It is well known that content promotes brands cross-platform. But, even more so, content helps aid the SEO process on the net. Based upon network size and traffic, advertising can then be charged to bring in more revenue to the site and all participants. This revenue will pay for upgrades and for marketing efforts, as well as for servicing provided by employees of the company.

Let’s Be Honest is one site that is taking advantage of this structure and in becoming part of the conversation. Let’s Be Honest allows users to connect based on specific topics and content-types. Communication can take place through discussion and microblogs. Money is made based on your network of referrals. It is a very cool start-up and worth being a part of. While in initial stages, this site is rapidly gaining attention, Internationally!

Everyday people seek to be part of something larger. Sites like Let’s Be Honest gives them a voice in their community, as well as the World community. They also allow Work-at-Home Moms to become influencers in this community. While the World sits back fearing a “layoff” from their job in this failing economy, Let’s Be Honest brings hope to many in allowing them to get paid for what they do on their free time anyways! Why should your activity be free, when you can get paid? Time is money. Let not free time become worthless!

Click here to start “Being Honest,” today!

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Will “Beamz by Flo Rida” be music to our ears?

Will "Beamz by Flo Rida" be music to our ears?

Beamz Interactive has just announced a “Milestone Endorsement” and Licensing Deal with Rapper, Flo Rida, and this could be music to our ears and a very cool new experience for event goers and music enthusiasts everywhere — not just in Hip Hop and Rap Music!

Beamz Interactive, Inc. is an emerging, yet state-of-the-art company with something unique to offer those who love new ways of creating and presenting music to audiences on a regular basis. Beamz, specialized laser-controlled music technology, works in the fashion of traditional MIDI… only it is more advanced! It is used by triggering specific commands with actual laser beams. As a matter of fact, technology by Beamz may very well replace modern DJ equipment and even instruments used by bands, especially during performance periods. The cool thing is that music can simply be played for enjoyment purposes, although the device is configured to allow for Advanced and Interactive Music Creation techniques.

Separate from “old school” MIDI technology, Beamz is Interactive. More on the product capabilities will be demonstrated through product release and performance of the new consumer product line, “Beamz by Flo Rida.” Beamz is known for prosumer editions of previous technologies, similar but unlike this new product line.

In a recent press release by Beamz and D3M Licensing Group, a Global Licensing Agent for Flo Rida, Flo Rida made a statement on the new product line: “With Beamz, everyone will be able to create and play music, not just listen to it. It’s hard to describe the feeling of making music on-the-fly with Beamz for the first time. It’s easy enough for anyone to play within minutes, yet sophisticated enough for artists and DJs to use on stage. I’ve been a follower of the Beamz product ever since I first got my hands on it, and I’m looking forward to working with Beamz to develop the ‘Beamz by Flo Rida’ product line.”

In the meantime, Beamz is preparing for a massive takeover through this deal and ready to take force, especially through Digital Marketing means! To reach and encourage a “new generation of of music enthusiasts and Flo Rida fans,” everything must be customized to fit their needs. Beamz will work closely with Flo Rida to develop the new product line. From there, a series of commercials will be filmed and distributed via television and Social Media outlets. It is expected that viral distribution of these commercials would attract the attention of much of his fanbase and those interested in the product’s capabilities.

In the matters of Mobile Distribution, Flo Rida is set to be featured in the software application of Beamz technology for iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 devices. This software will include a library of Flo Rida’s very own music catalogue and be converted into an Interactive format. Through Word of Mouth means and sharing capabilities, THIS is expected to attract users based on the usage of specific mobile devices and viral measures. Flo Rida fans may be further attracted to the signatured “Special Limited Edition Chrome” version of this product.

Due for furthered announcement in the second half of the 2013-year, in-depth details on the product will be released prior to final launch dates for the Beamz by Flo Rida devices and software. Teasers are expected to hint to users via Social Media on the upcoming product in planting suspense and anticipation for the product’s commencement into markets all over! Currently, commercials are being slated to begin airing as of the third quarter in 2013 on select Television and Internet Distribution Channels. This means Youtube will probably be in the Marketing Plan for “Beamz by Flo Rida,” as the product release date is set for some time in the Fall of 2013.

On a personal note: I am excited about this new product and release. I can only imagine how live shows and performances will begin to evolve with the addition of this product into markets on a Global level. Aside from the Emulator, a see-through touchscreen “DJ Glass,” I would think this would bring a difference to the World of Electronic Music and anyone that uses a DJ that no longer has a traditional turntable setup. It will bring art and performance back into the craft of DJing. I recently attended an event that a well-known-rapper-turned-DJ performed at and was very disappointed by witnessing two guys simply sitting on stage, at a desk, playing music for us. The crowd of many became a crowd of almost no one, quickly!

If Beamz were to have Flo Rida implement usage of their new product into his shows and live events prior to any media presentation, wonders could be worked for the brand. The element of curiosity will take over, and the “ohhhhhhh” factor will become even more sufficient upon media release. Additionally, the feeling of personalization and privilege will lead to Brand Loyalty and Word of Mouth Marketing successes through allowing potential consumers to tell the Brand Story to their immediate friends and family via cell phone photo and video contributions to Social Media and Networks.

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MoceanMobile releases unique, powerful tool in Mobile Advertising and Analysis.

Mocean Mobile provides clients with cross-platform delivery of Mobile Advertising opportunity.
Mocean Mobile provides clients with cross-platform delivery of Mobile Advertising opportunity.

If you have been thinking about implementing Mobile Marketing into your brand’s Marketing Campaigns, or already have, check this out: Mobile Advertising technology leader, Mocean Mobile has released Mocean for Advertisers. This product is of the latest mobile ad-serving products from this company. This product is said to be the “First 360-degree Product Suite built exclusively for Mobile.” This product enables easy integration in streamlining the buying and serving processes of mobile media for brands, agencies, firms, demand-side platforms and trading desks around the globe.

This product allows clients to plan, buy, monitor and manage Mobile Advertising Campaigns from a single dashboard, ensuring the ability to reach the highest possible conversions and ROIs per impression. Shortly, the company will also release the ability to bid in “real time” in providing access to supplies from bidding exchanges. This comes from the tapping into some of the World’s leading agencies and largest advertisers for feedback on what works, doesn’t work and appeals to their Marketing and Advertising plans.

In essence, the company has optimized their product to fulfill the needs of the most successful businesses, instead of trying to create a “one-size-fits-all” approach for Mobile Marketing and Advertising Strategies. As experts in Mobile, they have basically designed a very powerful product that will hold beneficial to any consumer, provided they learn the sciences behind the craft and how to use the platform for the ultimate Mobile Advertising experience. What it will boil down to is this: If your product or Brand Messaging is no good, you can only blame yourself, because you will be reaching the right markets in the right places at the right time. This product is set to solve the “huge transparency problem within the digital advertising industry where everything is based on metrics.”

Mocean Mobile is comprised of developers, leaders, and influencers in the World of Media and Advertising as veterans from companies like Google, DoubleClick, Apple, Yahoo, Hachette Filipacchi and AOL. Operating under a parent company, Mojiva, Inc., Mocean Mobile currently provides corporations with ad-serving solutions for customers such as AT&T, Vodafone, WebMD, Microsoft, Skype, BlackBerry and TV Guide. Mocean Mobile is also known for having created one of the first mobile display technology platforms, powering mobile revenue opportunities for publishers, developers, app stores, brand marketers and ad agency trading desks. Mocean Mobile serves as the third-party for providing these opportunities for all mobile devices on a cross-platform basis!

As we have discussed in previous articles, Mobile Marketing is, ironically, not commonly practiced in a rapidly growing Mobile Marketing, and Mobile Advertising continues to go untapped for the most part! For those that have been doing it: “Two of the biggest pain points to date for ad agencies have been tracking and measurement, and there has been no available mobile ad-serving platform to address these challenges – until now,” said Julie Preis, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Mocean Mobile.

It is said that by the end of 2013, we can expect 20-percent of the GLOBAL population to access the Internet via mobile and 30-percent by May of 2015. These numbers are much higher for specific areas of the World, such as The United States, Canada and major areas in Europe. With the unestimated launch of Google’s Internet balloons in remote areas around the World and the fact that WiFi can be supported on mobile devices, which are lower priced than computer terminals and laptops, this number may indeed be a “low ball” estimate in this given time period. As for Mocean Mobile, the number of ad impressions has increased by 180-percent between March 2012 and March 2013.

Additional Mocean for Advertisers benefits include:

  • A unified dashboard and reporting solution that enables the user to monitor all campaign activity from one simple interface;
  • Permission-based access that allows ad agencies to give clients access to individually customized, real-time reporting interfaces;
  • Simplified work-flow with multi-conversion reporting across mobile Web and app inventory, and
  • Proven mobile ad-serving technology that currently manages more than 80 billion mobile ad requests per month.
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European Brand Expansion: Is it in your brand’s future Marketing Plan?

Does your brand appeal to an International consumer base? Does your brand entail Online distribution? How well do you know your European audiences? The time for Brand Expansion could be just around the corner.

In recent reports by InternetRetailer.com, 2012 and 2013 has been showing incredible leaps in the funneling process to convert consumers into actual customers by Europeans, as compared to those of us in the “Western World.” Apparently, while a “fragmented” demographic exists, the ready consumer base in Europe is much larger than in America. Yet, it is growing at a rate equivalent to our own, which means an even larger mass of consumers, to whom Marketers should focus more attention upon. This is a demographic often forgotten by businesses, here in the United States, in which are able to be served through automated means!

While there are many more persons to serve in the European demographic, there are other reasons in which Internet Marketing may be even more effective. Since 2009, “overseas” businesses have been focusing on Internet Marketing on an Offline Platform. Over the years, QR Codes (Quick Response) have been responsible for multiple Online purchases of grocery and personal products.

People tend to think about their needs while waiting on public transportation, and these simulated “window shopping” experiences remind them of their needs… and even their wants… while providing them with a means of purchase. This is a real live “Call to Action” in progress. Consumers simply scan the QR Code associated with the product and check out for delivery to home or local store. More recently, our “Western World” has been taking practice in this technique through outlets such as Walmart Canada and other retailers.

Perhaps Europe has more “early adopters” as far as technology is concerned, because we are just now adopting these techniques in our hemisphere. Or, perhaps, it is means of technology. Whichever the reason, it seems to be effective and has been successful in converting these consumers into die-hard Brand Enthusiasts.

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Ray Donovan: The Internet Marketing and Branding BEHIND the upcoming new series!

Kwame Patterson, Monk the Wire, Ray Donovan, Ray Donovan Cast, Showtime Series, The Wire Kwame, Denzel Washington Look a like, Kwame Patterson IS Re-Kon, a Rapper and Producer, on the set of Showtime's Series, Ray Donovan. Catch the Series Premiere on June 30, 2013 on Showtime! Check out the show: http://youtu.be/IwGOdqv1IS8 About RAY DONOVAN (Emmy® & Golden Globe® Award nominee Liev Schreiber) does the dirty work for L.A.’s top power players. The one hour drama series’ all-star cast includes Oscar® winner Jon Voight. Sunday, June 30th at 10PM ET/PT only on Showtime! Plot Outline Set in the sprawling mecca of the rich and famous, RAY DONOVAN does the dirty work for LA's top power players. The one-hour drama series stars Liev Schreiber as the go-to guy who makes the problems of the city's elite disappear


Who is Ray Donovan? Shhhhhhh… (whispering)… He’s the “go to” guy when you need something done but don’t want to get your hands dirty! He makes the problems “go bye bye” for today’s celebrities, high class business moguls and superstar profile athletes. He’s smooth, slick, and “…no one can ever know…” It’s a good thing he’s Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award nominee, Liev Schreiber, starring as the lead role in “Ray Donovan,” Showtime’s newest drama. Because, after June 30, we might all be sleeping with one eye open!

RAY DONOVAN (Emmy® & Golden Globe® Award nominee Liev Schreiber) does the dirty work for L.A.’s top power players. The one hour drama series’ all-star cast includes Oscar® winner Jon Voight. Sunday, June 30th at 10PM ET/PT only on Showtime!

The Internet Marketing and Branding teams behind this soon-to-be hit tv series, have been doing a wonderful job with SEO Efforts and Brand Awareness to audiences Nationwide. Their Social Branding is awesome, and it definitely hits the psychological and emotional nerves of consumers who are highly anticipating the premiere episode. As a matter of fact, theFacebook “Like” Page for the brand’s presence, on its own, is already liked by 178,000 people, 13,000 which are active and already speaking about the show on a regular basis! This doesn’t include the many to “like” the content displayed there in or the multiple comments by “fans” already on the page!

I’m sure the high profile cast doesn’t hurt, as it features the likes of Lieb SchreiberJon VoightPaula MalcomsonEddie Marsan,Dash MihokKatherine MoennigPooch HallSteven BauerKerris Dorsey andDevon BagbyElliott GouldJohnathon SchaechKwame Patterson and Peter Jacobson (JUST to name a few). But, then again, one must give credit where credit is definitely due! After all, there are three weeks left until the first episode actually airs, and a lot of brands don’t even put in work with Social Promotions until just two weeks before release to ensure that “short term anticipation” brings the return of viewers set out through a set “Call to Action.”

In using Google to find content related to the show, one might notice that categories have been created based around anticipated search terms in providing official content to consumers looking for results from the brand, directly. Searching for Cast MembersScenes, andSeries Information will lead you directly to brand content that will boost all connected media within the search engines. All media is named, titles, and linked to other related media.

In Video Distribution Sites, like Youtube for example, playlists are set up with video content for consumption by potential audiences. They are all hosted on Showtime’s official channels, but sub hosted via Ray Donovan Playlists. These are all properly titled, tagged, described and pointing to specific Calls to Action and linking to other related content.

These videos shorts don’t include annoying commercials. They are easy to find. Messaging is brief and basic; but it is also very informative. And, there are playlists.

With playlists, distraction to other channel content is less likely and more views (and optimization) are almost guaranteed. Additionally, Archetyping and Brand Storytelling are possible through a series of “Behind the Scenes,” “Character Profiles,” “Trailers,” and more! The personalization with, the connection to, and familiarity of the show and characters will build anticipation and create a stronger desire for audiences to consume this series on a more loyal basis, instilling Brand Loyalty in the process. Viral means will take place as video content, as well as other content in other distribution channels, are shared. Word of Mouth will occur once the public starts speaking to their friends and family about the brand… and they already are!

While there are so many positive things that the Internet Marketing and Branding teams behind Ray Donovan, the show will speak for itself! These teams have done all they can to make us feel the need to consume this series. Now, the series will have to “stick us.” And, it is definitely expected to with its high action energy, immense on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama and emotion, suspense and high profile actors! All that will be left to do is expand the team, because the next step in the Marketing Process will be the ongoing interaction with fans and content distribution in keeping them “glued” to the show on a more personal level! While “no one can ever know,” everyone surely will find out!

Be sure to tune in to the series premiere of Ray Donovan at 10 PM(EST | PST), June 30, 2013, only on Showtime!

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Google implements NEW Category Search through Upgraded Google Images.

  • Google implements all recognition and SEO ranking features into newly upgraded image search!
  • Face recognition, Goggles, and now… A NEW and improved Image Search by Google.

    If you’re constantly using the World’s Leading Search Engine, Google, you probably have noticed something different about Google Images in the last few days based upon your inputted search terms. Personally, my first experience with the new feature implemented by Google’s Image Search took place when trying to find graphics from an upcoming TV Series that hits Showtime on June 30. That show is Ray Donovan; and I was working on a graphic for Kwame Patterson (known for his role as “Monk” on The Wire), who appears on the series as Rapper/Producer, Re-Kon.

    Upon noticing categories for Google’s Image Search of “Ray Donovan” and seeing groupings such as “Cast,” “Set,” and “Series,” I thought to myself that this was very “cool” and wondered how could I do it myself. So, I went searching for information on how to do it. After all, my profession IS Internet Marketing. We are ashamed of ourselves if we don’t know about something related to our field. And, I just HAD to know more! Unfortunately, there was NO INFORMATION to be found. And, it continued plaguing me as I searched over and over again within Google and tested other search terms to learn what allows this grouping to occur.

    So, I figured it out. Alt tags and page context would group these elements in sub categories on Google once the Spyder crawls the pages and terms in mention. But, just like Veruca Salt, “I want it now!” So, I continued to search for information. Then, today (June 12, 2013), Google released some great information via their blog on BlogSpot.

    Apparently, last month at Google I/O, they showed “a major upgrade to the photos experience.” Google has caught on that not everyone cares to name their content (one way that Internet Marketing becomes a success), and has come up with a new way to search photos with visual recognition. If you’re like me, you take many photos and don’t remember what folder you put them in, because you didn’t need them at the time. Now, you will be able to find them much easier… especially if you take advantage of Google Photos, which has recently allotted for 15GB of space per Google user to take advantage of.

    In previous years, search rank took place via alt text, page descriptions and content naming. In the past year, we saw Google implement color search technology. You were able to search images by color. Google makes a joke that “the average toddler is better at understanding what is in a photo than the world’s most powerful computers running state of the art algorithms.” And, laughably, that is often true!

    They go on to inform us: “This past October the state of the art seemed to move things a bit closer to toddler performance. A system which used deep learning and convolutional neural networks easily beat out more traditional approaches in the ImageNet computer vision competition designed to test image understanding. The winning team was from Professor Geoffrey Hinton’s group at the University of Toronto.

    We built and trained models similar to those from the winning team using software infrastructure for training large-scale neural networks developed at Google in a group started by Jeff Dean and Andrew Ng. When we evaluated these models, we were impressed; on our test set we saw double the average precision when compared to other approaches we had tried. We knew we had found what we needed to make photo searching easier for people using Google. We acquired the rights to the technology and went full speed ahead adapting it to run at large scale on Google’s computers. We took cutting edge research straight out of an academic research lab and launched it, in just a little over six months. You can try it out at photos.google.com.”

    Throughout experiment and implementation, Google has become aware of a few mistakes the computer will make, such as “mistaking a banana slug for a snake” or a “photo of a donkey for a dog.” Of course, not much information other than recognition of visual elements were able to be broken down in those situations. As a matter of fact, when I searched my own name, Google was still in the process of grouping “Jessica Abraham”s, and I wanted to understand this more. One category was appearing with the controversial “Farrah Abraham,” so I searched her seperately (I didn’t want to contribute to her ranking in MY category! hahaha!).

    When I searched “Farrah Abraham,” I got some pretty in-depth searches in detailed categories! There was her modeling pictures. I saw a category for the fight with a Kardashian. And, well… Let’s just say that it definitely categorized this search term. This is actually the search that allowed me to understand the new feature on my own (minus the visual categorization). I was able to look into the page source to try to elaborate upon my understanding of it.

    So, in recap, Google is basically using all current technologies and implementing improved technologies to map out and categorize images on Google. It’s like Google has become a very powerful Artificial Intelligence source. I’m sure implementing Google into a robot will be the next phase in their journey. As Sci-Fi as that sounds, it would definitely make sense in emulating those films that warns us of Robot Apocalypses. I wonder if that is why the tornados are currently sweeping all over the country at this very moment (bad Apocalyptic joke). Wow! Can you imagine the stuff you would find searching yourself from here on out? Or, what about your new boyfriend/girlfriend who finds your photos amongst that of one of your most humilating exes?! Regardless, you have just made my life easier, harder and more interesting, Google! I aplaud you!

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    The Power of Viral takes front row in History!

    Yesterday’s loss of the grandson of historical icon and leader, Malcolm X, has already become part of History, Controversy, Conspiracy, and even Viral Conversation throughout the Internet. Malcolm Shabazz, 28, was murdered Thursday, May 9, 2013, in Tijuan
    Yesterday’s loss of the grandson of historical icon and leader, Malcolm X, has already become part of History, Controversy, Conspiracy, and even Viral Conversation throughout the Internet. Malcolm Shabazz, 28, was murdered Thursday, May 9, 2013, in Tijuana, Mexico.
    Photo taken from GiantMag.com under Fair Use Doctrine

    Those who are living the horror are actually able to report “hands on” and “breaking” information and enemy locations, such as through GPS, photos and video.

    Yesterday’s loss of the grandson of historical icon and leader, Malcolm X, has already become part of History, Controversy, Conspiracy, and even Viral Conversation throughout the Internet. Malcolm Shabazz, 28, was murdered Thursday, May 9, 2013, in Tijuana, Mexico. While “no one knows” who killed him or “why,” Shabazz felt it was coming and explained the process of assassination in which no one would care to ask questions. In an Online record that is currently circulating Facebook with a “RIP Malcolm” photo attached, he explained, in his own words, how he was constantly being harassed and forced to keep distance from loved ones, not disclosing information to them… in addition to a plethora of other interesting details in his life. Much of these details highlighted media defamation of his character and crimes he claimed to have been “cornered” into accepting blame for.

    Much earlier this month, an audio recorded“open letter” to Pope John Paul II from 1998 began its recirculation in the midst of a new addition to an FBI Most Wanted List. Assata Shakur has been named a terrorist by the United States and marked with a $1 million dollar reward for her capture. The open letter is circulating the Internet, speaking in defense of actions that “set her on the run” and in what seems to be self defense. Similar to Shabazz, we are able to get another side of the story and paint a much clearer picture of what happened that led up to the incident.

    On the other end of the plane, we have Christopher Dorner, who was allegedly burnt alive in a cabin fire atop a California mountain chain. It is to be noted that Dorner personally placed a “manifesto” onto his Facebook page explaining his motives and reasonings of events that were to come in latter days. This manifesto was widely spread on the net, even after his Facebook page had been shut down. This, alongside mass murders, led to a manhunt of suspected “cop killer” who was now on the loose and had a distinct vendetta with an extreme plan of action.

    Here, we have three situations in which Social Media has given another side of the story. Generally, once a person becomes a fugitive, is murdered or placed into imprisonment, we hear nothing else about the topic, unless it is false or sensationalized by media outlets who are in search of higher ratings. Social Media has allowed these pieces to go viral and for us to become familiar with another side of the story. Whether or not these contents are genuine and/or truthful, a deeper look into the situation and furthered understanding can take place in the face of an audience who would scorn an innocent person, rather than understand what went wrong and why. And, such is the case on frequent occasions.

    Because of the “Power of Viral,” we have found many lost persons, located dangerous villains, reunited loved ones (even pets), freed hostages, petitioned wrongdoings, petitioned action in situations where many have been given the cold shoulder by corrupt agencies, and many more situations that have brought about a positive change in the lives of the human race. In fact, many continue to hand over the “Power of Attorney” of intellectual property and private information to be posted Online by trusted friends and family in the event that something should happen to them, as is the case of Malcolm Shabazz who had to purposely distance himself from those he cared about most in this world.

    Not only has the Power of Viral aided the lives of individuals in trouble, but it has also benefited causes and Nations in finding hope for the future. In Iran and Israel, an accidental “peace campaign” once took place that united members of each enemy territory with others of the opposing territory. This campaign took place when citizens of Israel posed for “Israel loves Iran” posters, in which were sent to Iran via “social,” as Iran did the same to Israel. “Everyday people” had posed for these posters and placed them on social networks in “free speech” to the opposition of the political choices to go to war. It was rumored to cause an accidental movement of peace between the nations who have been in direct warfare for over a decade.

    On the contrary, viral content has created a means for truth to be spread during cases of all out warfare, in which “outside” territories claim it to be in total civil war. Those who are living the horror are actually able to report “hands on” and “breaking” information and enemy locations, such as through GPS, photos and video. These items are also beneficial in convicting war criminals of the heinous acts that they commit. Syrian Truth and Syrian Democratic Future has “outted” many traitors and terrorists on their Facebook Pages, while distributing graphic content that keeps the World aware of real life terror taking place daily in Syria, in hopes of creating a positive change within it. They stand for the voice of Syria and in gathering allies around the globe to commit to putting bullies in their place.

    While the aim is not to market negative aspects of the real world, the Power of Viral takes the front row in making and recording history in the 21st Century. The goal is distribute information, whether through Word of Mouth or via search engines. Organic SEO results take place through content distribution and Viral Marketing through shares and views. Information is being spread and people are being made aware of corruption and terror. Can we use this concept to bring about actual change and peace in the future? Or, will this ability be taken from us in the future due to misinformation by those who will learn to use Viral for their own selfish purposes? In time, we shall see. For now, let’s make the best of it with open eyes and open minds!


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    Internet Marketing Campaigns: Don’t forget BrandYOU

    Internet Marketing with BrandYOU: What can implementation mean to me?, Shorty Produkshins, Jessica Abraham, internet marketing pittsburgh, internet marketing orlando, orlando internet marketing, pittsburgh internet marketing, social implementation

    A few days ago, an article was released speaking on the topic of Social Branding and Internet Marketing’s importance in Web 3.0 and how many businesses, according to a current analysis report, are yet to pay it serious attention. They refuse to place higher budgets on the table in the name of Internet Marketing and Social Branding, in general, let alone as separate items of coverage. While Social Branding is Internet Marketing, each classification can be broken down into smaller sciences. Many of these sciences will actually cut costs for the management end of business budgets and triple ROIs directly.

    In the review of this information, it is imperative to remind businesses (and even individual business persons) about the “Power of the Brand.” This is what can make or break a business or individual. This is what you have worked your whole life to build. It’s the value others place in your brand. This is BrandYOU.

    BrandYOU! Yes, this is a very important topic. This topic is often covered on blogs, periodicals, books, educational learning centers, and at business seminars. This topic is the most important one that can be covered, because any action made in the name of a brand is building the character in the minds of the audiences of that brand. Still, people ignore the importance of BrandYOU or creating a positive persona for a brand (if a business).

    Whether a representative of a brand or in being the actual the brand itself, BRANDYOU can play a major part in your success… “strike that, erase it.” It WILL play THE major role in your lasting success. It will set your brand aside from competition, because BrandYOU isn’t just about Branding. It’s about individualism and unique value propositions between brand and consumer. It’s about quality and integrity. It’s one of the most organic ways of marketing your brand Online and off.

    While, it doesn’t even have anything specifically to do with Internet Marketing, it can hold powerful results via Social Interaction (reviews, testimonials, statuses, social conversation, etc.). And, that is the problem. People think that indirect or slight correlations are no correlation at all. It’s a concept that seems to be common sense, but some just don’t understand it. Understanding the truth is the greatest thing that could ever happen! That is why it is so important to understand BrandYOU inside and out.

    Have you ever heard that you need to eat, sleep and dream your business in order to see it take form and thrive? Have you ever considered the fact that YOU are a business? After all, don’t you file taxes? Do you file as an individual, independent contractor, sole proprietor or board member? If you said yes, then technically you just proved that you ARE a business, whether you use your own entity, fictitious name or work for someone else’s brand.

    The truth is, all of these are brands, And the truth is, you are getting paid to represent that brand… even if you are a “relation” of that brand. Consider yourself extended family, a friend, significant other or whatever. Because you represent that brand (if you aren’t the specific brand), you are an important person in the “life” of that brand as a persona — or fictitious person. As a matter of fact, you are responsible to pay taxes due to your relationship to the brand. The brand’s “corporation” tax is taxed as an individual, because that brand is alive — it acts as an embodiment on its own! Isn’t THAT interesting? So, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to keep THOSE interests at the ultimate peak high point at all times? After all, YOU are investing so much time into the brand and then paying taxes on that time that can never be replaced.

    In considering this scenario, one should remember a few things about businesses:

    1. First impressions are everything.
    2. Quality customer service needs to be maintained.
    3. Reviews and Testimonials can sway the opinions of those who seek to know about a POTENTIAL service provider.
    4. Competitors exist and work against competitor brands.
    5. What will you do to protect your brand? What will you do to keep the reputation of the brand satisfactory to clients and community?

    The obvious first step in BrandYou is always to be on your best behaviour. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show your opinion. But, it means to act upon how you would like to be perceived. If your brand represents THIS, then you can display THIS in your actions. I had a conversation with another business owner recently. The conversation was based around her recent activity on Facebook. She tried to apologize for the “recent racy content.” What she didn’t realize, however, that showing a public interest in a subject based upon her role in the community of her target audience will actually allow her brand to be received as a trustworthy persona and build a lasting brand loyalty that will lead to a long enduring tenure of that brand.

    It basically all boils down to this: CATER TO YOUR AUDIENCES. If you want to be perceived as an individual for hire, then portray the ideal characteristics of the ultimate employee. If you are a business, tend to your community of followers and those that you want to target in “giving them what they want” and do not give them a reason to think otherwise. This means to be consistent, persistent and show interest in that particular characteristic.

    So, how should you begin to structure your “BrandYOU?” Think of a respectable business person, public figure or entertainer. They all have something about them that stands out, correct? This is something that is overemphasized in creating a character perception of them. This is something that will hold distinct in setting them aside from competition. Now, look at those characteristics that aren’t “front row and center” in their persona. These characteristics do not conflict with the public perception of that brand. Contradictory elements will keep that brand from being accepted, in turn they will more than likely remain unsuccessful.

    Next, Think of a recording artist that may be perceived as a “thug” or a “boss.” To find out that they were once on the opposite side of the law and never really this “thug” or “boss,” we change our persona of that artist. It just seems fake. True fans will stay loyal. Those are those who really have learned to love the brand’s product and really could care less. But, others have lost respect for that artist. This leads to lower ROIs and less money in our bank accounts. If a Brand Story had originally been formed to related the two “roles” this brand partook in previous to success in the industry, respect may have been gained and inspiration may have been enstilled in audiences. Positive impact on community and definite respect would be gained, in addition to higher ROIs for that brand. It’s all about planning and integrity along the way.

    Keeping realism within the character of a brand or YOU as an individual (BrandYou) and implementing the archetype you have selected for it, you will keep anyone from doubting your mission, vision or even track record. You may even, in such a case as previously stated, created inspiration and influenced positivity in those who look to your brand for value. Which means, more often what you say will be taken at face value, respected and believed. If you go slightly off track, we know something is wrong. If you go “left” in your action, we start speculating, assuming and looking for discrepancy in ALL actions and statements made by your brand. Your brand will see negative reaction in the process.

    It all really boils down to the ethics of your brand, professionalism and catering to your audiences. As long as you can be perceived as professional, you are entitled to your opinion. If you feel you will offend someone, start by giving a disclosure and allowing them to understand your point or opinion… how you have gotten to this ideal or interest. If it is a fellow business person, they more than likely will understand already. As a matter of fact, they may reach out to you in liasing to these markets in cross promotion or future campaigns. They may just send you business or point you in the direction of that business, especially since you may not be competition due to the catering of different audience types. Stay true to yourself, your brand, and consistency — Online and off.

    In the case of Internet Marketing in relationship to BrandYOU, one can excel tremendously. Niche Markets can be targeted and “owned.” Negative reactions to a brand can be combated without any further questions asked. Positive influence can be “watermarked” into consumers minds and agendas. Conversation can influence campaigns organically. Everyone wants to be “friends” with your brand and will tell friends and family about their “new friend.” BrandYOU on the net will bring a dull presence life… and even the life of the party! That being said, let your ROIs gain immediate impact and implement BrandYOU today!

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    Internet Marketing on an Offline Format — A personal experience.

    Jessica Abraham, Orlando Internet Marketing, Internet Marketing Orlando, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Internet Marketing, Recording Academy, Florida Music Festival, Orlando, The Grammy Awards, Florida Grammy Showcase

    Jessica N. Abraham at the Recording Academy’s Florida Grammy Showcase kickoff for the 2013 Florida Music Festival


    Internet Marketing – OFFLINE. While it makes no sense that one can engage in Internet Marketing while “on the go,” it is entirely possible. Really, how can you market to the World while being away from the office? The answer is, “very easily.”

    It has been a while since I have written an article on Internet Marketing. A lot of this has to do with the fact that my company is relocating to another city shortly, and time has been very limited. Nonetheless, work has to be done.

    As a work-a-holic, I am consistently striving to find ways to work “on the go.” I am a very sociable person; and interestingly enough, the tagline of my company is “Brand Socially.” So, what I am about to outline works very well for my brand, in particular. Yet In fact, it can work for just about every brand there is. To be bluntly put: “pay attention!”

    Every year, I attend The Florida Music Festival in Orlando, FL. This event has gained International recognition over the past 12 years and has highlighted the talents of many of the most popular acts of today. Internet Marketing has made it become easier for artists, large and small, to become aware of this event (and many like it) and how festivals can contribute to their career successes. The Florida Music Festival was created by Sean Perry and Rick Wheeler of Axis Magazine in 2001 and is supported by many local and International sponsors, as related to the entertainment business and good times.

    The Social Branding and Social Media sides of Internet Marketing have aided this and many festivals in capturing quality acts for mass consumption. Content submission by artists via web and the viral power of these submissions have made the selection process for showcasing only the best talent at venues related to their fan bases a much more effective process. And for a marketing professional like myself, I have learned to take advantage of this same process in “scouting out” potential clients in person and by allowing them to find my marketing services on a much later basis.

    Understanding what your surroundings will entail and the personality of each target client in an environment, where their adrenaline is rapidly pumping, is very important. To understand these elements, one can turn to social media content that has been dispersed around the net for analysis and review. If you are unfamiliar with the venue and locale you will be attending, “walker” and “biker” maps and area reviews may help bring furthered understanding to rules, staffing, and technological capabilities once there. News stories and social presences, as well as video content, can bring furthered understanding of the artist personalities and history that you plan on meeting with. Basically, a lot of research needs to take place beforehand in order to enhance your experience and bring full potential to an OFFLINE Internet Marketing Plan.

    Research helps you to understand what you can do and, of course, what you cannot. To begin with, how do you seek to gain the full attention of a potential client at a time where their mind is set on performance, fans and enjoying themselves? What style will you approach them with? How will your elevator pitch relate to them?

    As an Internet Marketing Professional, the most important element would be that of “Internet Capability.” Having access to Internet and Mobile Network features will aid as visuals in what you can bring to the table in aiding their career successes. Because, frankly, if you gain their interests, they will ask you to show them what you can do and only have a few minutes to do it in. Will you have Wifi or Ethernet Ports available, and if so — Will there be electric outlets readily available? If not, how well does 4G for your carrier work in that area? Will you be able to “tether” your service into your laptop or portable device of choice? Finally, is your media content optimized for presentation on mobile device if need be?

    In marketing, you have to consider the elements that will bring you closer to your overall goal. In marketing for Online platforms, your driving force will always be content delivery and optimization. There are many ways to achieve this, and where else to gain content for mass distribution than at a festival with many bands, business professionals and “happenings?” Content will not only raise your SEO efforts for search engines and brand awareness in Social Platforms, but it will also bring traffic to inquire on your servicing via fans and “the stars” themselves. Some of this content may be distributed immediately from the actual venues and encourage participation at the event on an immediate basis, catching the attention of acts being “promoted.” Some of this content will be delivered later. And, some of this content will serve as immedate points of contact and interaction in a tangible way.

    The following methods will achieve Internet Marketing on an Offline basis:

    • Check-ins: Lead others to your exact location and leave a print in that area with your content and presence history. This usually is done through Geotagging and GPS, so it is done with ease. Others located in the same area will also be aware of your presence at that moment.
    • Videos: Taking videos at events of interviews, performances, and random moments bring virality to your brand, creating awareness of your brand in relating it to specific target markets. Additionally, those tagged in the videos or searching for videos, only to find themselves, will be drawn directly to your brand and become curious as to who you are and what you do. Fans of these acts will help bring virality to the process and encourage traffic to your brand’s web presences.
    • Pictures: Pictures are memories. They are content. They are able to boost your brands results in the search engine through image searches alone. They are also “shareable” and will lead others to your Social Presences around the net. They are taggable and will lead content points of interest and fans to your business and services. They are often appreciated by these acts, because such a lack of content is captured at most events — believe it or not! The act of capturing content is very beneficial to acts in capturing that particular moment that will always be talked about but never have been recorded.
    • Live Stream: Live Streaming events, interviews and performances are great in bringing interactive “here and now” capabilities to Internet Marketing efforts. They are usually able to be recorded for later consumption. The best part of live streams is that they are able to bring immediate awareness and lead “foot traffic” to local venues so that they can be part of the experience in person. These streams are often viral due to fans wanting to “share” their experience with friends and family. These are often tagged and contain a call to action in the description area, which once shared will achieve so much for the marketing of your brand and the brands showcased in the content.
    • Like Pages: When trading contact information with fan bases in the audience, always ask them if they have Facebook and have them like your page immediately. As a matter of fact, take a picture of them in front of a background with their favorite acts! When you do this, you are giving them a memory that they are able to search out later. They will also share this memory with others. Your page will become viral immediately. Don’t forget to GeoTag these items if you are uploading them right away!
    • QR Codes and Giveaways: My company uses, like other brands and bands, QR Codes on tangible deliverables like business cards and flyers. While QR Codes aren’t as popular amongst audiences as they have been in previous years, do not dismiss the “Power of the Code.” It’s not science fiction, but it can work wonders. For example, you hand out flyers and business cards at events (or place them on tables and ledges at the venue), someone becomes curious after meeting you or in between sets. They discreetly scan your card and visit your website or Social Presence. Shoot, they decide to “Google” you.

    As interest builds, your physical presence benefits by being there to answer questions at the peak of interest in gaining potential clients. What is even better is that people talk. Yes, they sure do! Quietly, they whisper to the person next to them, “Hey, do you know Jessica Abraham? She owns this company, Shorty Produkshins, and does Internet Marketing… This is what else she does… This is who she has worked with…” Or, they introduce you to the person directly. Here, Word of Mouth and tangible Viral Marketing just gained you a new potential client without much effort!

    Some people add free download links and merchandise giveaways to these calls-to-action. This ensures web traffic and content shares. People will often download and listen or “Youtube” and watch these artists before they perform so that they can become more familiar with them. Don’t think that this wouldn’t benefit your brand to do it, as well. I usually give away six free minutes of consultation via telephone when giving away servicing.

    • Web Design/Content: Make sure you have a web design that is mobile-friendly and content that breaks down your servicing within a matter of seconds. People often do not want to read or learn when out and about. But, they do want to be educated on the matter. Using charts, infograms, and graphics to explain text-heavy points, understanding is easier acknowledged and quickly associated. Keeping webdesign at a speed to load rapidly keeps load time at a minimum and interest is less likely to be lost in the process. Make sure your site is catchy, interesting, and informative to a one-minute view. Keep it professional and away from being generic. This is your elevator presentation in grabbing potential clients right away!
    • Follows, Shouts, Cross Promotion and Awareness: In the process of helping your own brand, be sure to help out others! If you are going to be attending an event, take advantage of the fact that your company will be there and you are a representative of it. If you have Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, etc. on your mobile phone, don’t be afraid to follow the groups and individuals that have given you their flyers and business cards or that you see in attendance or performance. Give them a shoutout on your page, bring awareness to that brand. Geotag them to a location so that others may “head down” to that event. Not only will the tag lead followers on both sides (in the case of Facebook) to new content for that band or brand, it will lead followers and those being tagged to your brand, as well. Make sure to keep content and follow acts immediately, while “shouting them out” upon meeting to keep fresh and interactive on a regular basis.
    • Credibility!, Loyalty and Tenure: Let’s say you sponsored this event. Let’s say that you have been making contact with each artist through Online sources or that they just so happened to have come across your brand and tangible materials throughout their career. What do you think happens when they get to meet you and learn that you are a legit person… and an actual person!? Brand Personas are important. BrandYOU is a subject I love to speak on frequently.

    There are so many scams out there and “up and coming” brands that never amount to anything worthwhile or are what they say. Meeting Offline brings more personality and realism to your brand. You are a real person. You have a chance to represent the brand in the flesh. Furthermore, you have met others that these people are already or just becoming acquainted with that can speak for your track record. Introduction by a trusted source or verification of reference is achieved without much effort. Your brand has an Offline following that will transfer to an Online source via connections and content created in the process. Going Offline to increase Online marketing potential and business connections that will build your “pyramid,” will only lead to furthered tenure for your brand.

    Tenure however comes from loyalty, while loyalty comes from humbling your brand and practicing ethics that will allow others to justfully trust you. Loyalty comes from credibility of your brand and what it can do, as well as the reputation of that brand through trusted connections. The more you communicate Offline, as well as Online, and include others in this practice, the more loyalty you will find amongst followers, colleagues and clients. The reason behind this is while you are helping your brand find success, you are taking others along with you… and more than likely it will ONLY BE those that you have faith in yourself! After all, you don’t want to be responsible for distributing garbage content? Your good content will be overlooked and reputation will be brought down if you do that!

    • Storytelling and CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!: Through this adventure, you are creating a story with several characters — old and new. You are building a history that will last throughout the years and connecting many brands together in unity. The more familiar brands become to audiences, the more trust is built, bringing Brand Loyalty, Awareness, Integrity and Association, of course leading to tenure. Stories will be told through content that, as mentioned before, boosts SEO efforts, viral powers and more! Again, it’s like a family that introduces new friends and family members to others in a more personal way! Storytelling shows that more than business is occurring. It is showing that a relationship is building and lasting, therefore worthwhile for audience recognition, interests and interactions.

    The bottom line here is NETWORKING with immediate “connection” is at the utmost importance. Because most people connect to their favorite social networks via mobile device, you must encourage the connection to take place here. Most social networks actually save contact information into the users address book automatically, so that will come naturally. You will be constantly in contact with these connections so you won’t forget them as easily as you would with just collecting a business card and/or saving a phone number to your rolodex. It’s more personal, and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS are what it is all about. Making the connections “in the flesh” will benefit your Online strategies. Content creation acts as duct tape, holding the bond and pyramid together. It also tells the story of the bond being created over time through these networked relationships.

    In marketing for the Internet — Offline — never be afraid to think outside of the box. However, make it more than just making connections and using content for Internet strategy. Use it to connect the lives of brands that will literally “stick together” and hold a bond to last a lifetime. Brands belong to people, and people are the best investment you can ever make in the World. While we all want financial gain, happiness and impactful, positive relationships are more rewarding than anything! Have fun and create an epic story for future generations!

    Suggested by the author:
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    Shorty Produkshins officially announces return to homebase — “Internet Marketing Orlando!”

    internet marketing orlando, orlando internet marketing, pittsburgh internet marketing, internet marketing pittsburgh, orlando hip hop, pittsburgh hip hop, detroit hip hop

    ORLANDO, FL — Shorty Produkshins officially announces the return to homebase in Orlando, FL set for the month of April 2013. Operating out of Pittsburgh and Punxsutawney, PA, for the 2012 year, had been successful for the brand’s awareness and expansion into areas like Los Angeles, Detroit, Memphis, Las Vegas and furthered expansion into the Greater Atlanta Area. Within this past year, Shorty Produkshins took on projects that allowed this expansion to happen organically, while “branding socially” took precedence.

    Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactic. The company has evolved through supply and demand, as well as through industry saturation and the adaptation to the ever changing technology of our generation. Beginning prior to 2003 as a recording studio and independent record label, Shorty Produkshins has become one of the most sought after Internet Marketing companies in the Pittsburgh and Orlando areas, even as the nondisclosable outsource company for multiple marketing firms in those locations.

    Owner and visionary, Jessica N. Abraham has built Shorty Produkshins from the ground up and has literally lived, breathed and slept Shorty Produkshins in every stage along the way. In 2012, she was able to put into motion many projects envisioned and tested over the years. In 2013, many of these will be officially released, while some of these are currently available in beta stages. Simultaneously, she operates Shorty Produkshins as a separate entity in executing outside projects for clients and consumers alike.

    With the return to the Orlando area, Shorty Produkshins hopes to continue delivering quality servicing on National works and through subsidiary service lines, while working with more niche and community outreach projects. Shorty Produkshins has always strived to help the underdog succeed where barriers to entry may be the issue. Provided there is a budget and quality product or service, Shorty Produkshins can make the impossible possible for a brand. Before temporarily leaving Orlando in 2012, Shorty Produkshins had played a role in the Event Marketing and Branding for multiple Non Profit Organizations in the area, as well as local small businesses and recording acts.

    In addition to relocation to Orlando, Shorty Produkshins also announces the re-release of Envisionment Network and EnvisionedTV for business-minded individuals in search of leadership development and networking opportunities set for May 1. Additionally, Shorty Produkshins will be releasing a plethora of products over the year’s span.

    For release information and announcement of Relationship Advice Lines, a Promotion’s Web, 24/7 Internet Marketing Telephone Consultation, an Internet TV Show, an Arab Women Empowerment Organization and more, one may visit the Youtube Channel for Shorty Produkshins at:http://www.youtube.com/lilshortydrama. For more information on how Shorty Produkshins may help your brand, business, product or event, visit the official website athttp://www.shortyprodukshins.com

    Follow Shorty Produkshins on Twitter: @SP_Brand_Social
    Like Shorty Produkshins on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingoforlando
    Jessica N. Abraham’s Internet Marketing Blog: http://www.jessicanabraham.com

    Shorty Produkshins: http://www.shortyprodukshins.com
    Jessica Abraham: http://www.jessicaabraham.com

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    BrandYourself: A cool, novice tool for “owning your name.”

    brand yourself

    Have you ever “Googled” yourself only to find websites that have nothing to do with you? Mug shots of criminals? Reviews about businesses not even in the same state as you? Would you like to dominate the first few pages of Google with YOUR search results? Aside from in depth SEO-work by a professional, there is a basic tool available to novice users everywhere.

    A few months ago, I discovered a site called BrandYourself.com. Apparently, I was a little over a year behind this knowledge, because this site has been around since the earlier parts of 2012 from what I am understanding. The site was created in efforts to keep “same” people together in search results, separating successful business people from arrrest records of convicts that include mugshots, both of which share the same name and possibly same city of residence.

    BrandYourself.com has the common goal of helping you rise within the search rankings using your name as personal leverage. It keeps your websites, portfolios, social network profiles and more attached to this central hub. This hub acts as a link wheel and builds the connection between a user on Facebook to the handle on Twitter that everyone is following, while linking to professional and personal web spaces and biographies.

    As an active user since my discovery of this site, I have been a little impressed. I use a basic account, because this is one of my areas of expertise and a paid account would be a waste of money to me. However, it would be a good investment to someone who does not have this knowledge. While the site, itself, does not rank high in search engines (even with a PageRank score of 6), it does indeed boost the PageRanks of your sites through authoritative linking and through acting as a central hub. It also keeps you up to date on tips and tricks of basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies if you subscribe to their newsletter.

    BrandYourself.com is very good at communicating with users almost immediately. One of my URLs were not listed on the BrandYourself profile I created with them. When it appeared in the top results, I was emailed by BrandYourself to tattle-tale on the “Unidentified Link.” It gave me tips on how to battle the site and regain territory. It also told me how many people viewed my page by telling on them as soon as they visited the page!

    While I do not have a premium account, I am impressed overall. To be honest, there are more efficient and effective ways of doing this. But, as I have stated earlier: For someone to have no experience in the field of SEO or Internet Marketing, this is an awesome tool for them to use and to find ownership in the most valuable keyword they will ever own — their name!

    Here is my profile on BrandYourself: http://jessicaabraham.brandyourself.com/

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