Immortal Technique: From third world to new world, independently changing lives

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Growing up in Harlem, Peru native Immortal Technique developed a strong passion for true Hip Hop culture and the five basic elements therein. As a child, Felipe Andres Coronel had to leave his home during a civil war and arrived in the United States, only to be subjected to political corruption at a very young age. This, in addition to ongoing conflict with racism, battle within the streets and false flaggers, Immortal Technique saw jail time on more than one occasion. With offenses in multiple states, it was only after so long that he would be faced with hard time for aggravated assault. After all, he is “Immortal,” not “Invincible.”

As he encountered reality, Immortal Technique headed back to the pen and pad, a place where he could find peace and solitude, writing down the encounters in his life, as well as the things that he saw and experienced struggling in a third world country as a youngster and during visits to his homeland as an adult. In finding knowledge of self, he put racism amongst Latinos into perspective as a whole. He learned to embrace his African heritage, handed down to him through his grandfather’s bloodline. He began realizing the caste system was alive and well in the Latin culture and wanted to do something about it. He was tired of the “conquer and divide method” of oppressing the people. In studying the Revolutionaries of an indigenous community in South America, he found inspiration.

It was this same revolutionary attitude that led him to refuse turning state’s evidence in a case he was facing that could cost him 5-10 years in prison. Teaming up with an attorney that would get him a mere one to two year sentence, he didn’t need to snitch out others to find his freedom like so many others do. The experience was a blessing in disguise, because with the city six hours away and Technique in the mountains, he was able to study, work out and write music. His music was lyrical, with strong meaning behind his words.

As a “Hip Hop Head,” Immortal Technique embraced a culture and never it let go. Once paroled in 1999, he returned to NYC and began battle rapping against any and everyone, gaining “rites of passage” in the Hip Hop community. He earned the reputation of being “brutally disrespectful,” as he found his way onto many DVDs, websites, event stages and more. All hailed him for his infamous battles, as he captivated audiences who anxiously awaited the next time he would perform and battle against his peers. With the success of these battles, his niche and fanbase grew. But, he came to the realization that success would not truly follow until he was creating real music in a real studio. He returned to songwriting.

Much of Tech’s music is layered with political views, history and injustices caused to people around the World. Factual and often accused of being a conspiracy theorist, Immortal Technique once replied, “Conspiracy Theorist, why? Because, I know more about this country’s history than you do?” This statement rings home with the messages he brings to his International audiences and constant appearances on mainstream news channels that invite him to debate politicians in live forums over his educated views and values.

Staying independent has allowed Technique the ability to stay true to his artistic creativity without censoring the messages he brings through his music. Immortal Technique is described by his team at Viper Records as “built on truth with a hard core brand of street politics.” At Viper Records, he has continuously been written about in XXL, The Washington Post, made appearances on major new syndicate and even titled as one of “the Hip Hop quotable” in The Source after releasing his second album, Revolutionary Vol. 2. He has since released four more.

Considered an activist, working with Mumia Abu Jamal, a journalist who has been falsely imprisoned and accused of killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1982 while being refused uncorrupted due process, Immortal Technique has lent a hand to Mumia’s AWOL magazine and working hard to discredit injustices in a very corrupted society. He also involves himself heavily within the prison system by visiting prison and speaking with your, while working with immigrant rights activist and raising funding for children’s hospitals overseas. He has also created a grant writing program for high school students. His “Green Light Project” allowed him to partner with Omeid International in 2008, to create a non-profit Human Rights organization. Together, and without any external funding, they built homes for orphaned children in Kabul, Afghanistan.

At the present time, Immortal Technique is working as an Executive at Viper Records, mentoring and collaborating with other artists on the label. He consistently fights for what is right and doesn’t care if you like it or not! Immortal Technique has been touring Internationally, as well as around the United States. He juggles activism with his career and making the World a better place, starting with the people.

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Check out Immortal Technique’s views, raw and uncut, on The Sabir Bey Show (Summer 2014)

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