HeLi-on, The Goddess to Mobile Solar Technology

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We’ve all been there. We have a full day ahead of us, leading up to a night we have been looking forward to for a very long time. Some of us may even be on foot or taking public transportation. But by lunchtime, the worst possible thing that can happen happens.

The phone beeps. It’s at 5%, and one of those important tasks we had was a telephone conference with a very big client. On top of that, we needed to get a ride home tonight and be prepared for the big event. No one memorizes phone numbers anymore, and we don’t know how to get in contact with our friends. Wow! We don’t even have access to Facebook to message them!

Today, we rely on our phones for everything. We use it to bank and pay for items. We use it for transportation and planning. And, most importantly, we use it for security. We feel 10 times more comfortable going to places we have never been because we have a cell phone in our hand and GPS is enabled.

Kickstarter has introduced us to a new, more convenient way to charge our phones. Enter HeLi-on, “The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger.”

Created by infinityPV ApS, HeLi-on is a small, portable charger with a large, flexible solar panel that can be carried in your pocket. This lifesaving innovation comes with a very powerful battery, which means that not only will it produce battery-pumping energy, it will also store it, as well.

Can you imagine just how much energy will be stored while on the beach? You can continue taking those pictures if you want. In just 2–3 hours of charging, you’ve got battery! Think about it: You can actually enjoy your music on-the-go and not worry about killing your battery.

With an internal USB port, you can connect just about any device and receive a full charge. At only 11 centimeters long and 105 grams, you have just found your Thumbelina. She fits in a pocket and will become your best friend. Now we just need to wait until she goes into production.

One thing about HeLi-on is that she isn’t cheap. The presale asking, in order to raise production funds and International shipping, is set at $90 a piece. Like all  other Kickstarter items, this rate will surely go up once it hits the markets. Expensive, yet reasonable, something screams that we don’t mind paying this price for such convenience. Paying $90 for such a necessity is like buying an large insurance policy.

Now, we don’t have to worry about “getting caught with our pants down!” Even if we don’t forget the charger at home, we will have somewhere to charge our phones and other portable devices — without all the evil looks to “hurry up and buy.” After all, how dare we need to charge our phones in public?! That’s so rude. Let’s charge it on the beach instead! HeLi-on proves to us, yet once again, that good things really do come in small packages!

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