Using DISC for Workforce Optimization

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As many organizations are finalizing year-end strategies and developing next year’s business plans, others have already taken a running leap into 2019 with iron-clad initiatives for growth and expansion. No matter which phase of strategic planning you are in, please don’t forget that “people” are our most significant investment and that our businesses are defined most effectively by our workforce. According to Human Resources Today, the macrotrends for workforce optimization in 2019 are dominated by record-low rates of global unemployment. Simply said, this means that workforce optimization, in a tight labor market, must be a top priority for any business entering the new year.

Predictive Hiring for Top Results

This fact is often forgotten, as businesses begin to automate and outsource many of their proprietary operations. Improper hiring, in turn, led many companies to either close doors or merge with others in efforts to save what has been left in the aftermath of dissolution. Vision is lost, and the bottom line becomes tainted. No SWOT or Regression Analysis can prevent a business from dwindling if our most precious asset becomes ignored. Implement Predictive Hiring, instead, when both analyzing and optimizing the workforce, hiring cycles and ongoing development initiatives. Productivity and performance will skyrocket, and the impact will be felt throughout the organization.

DISC Matching Technology

For those of you, who know very little about DISC, it is a methodology used to assess the behavior, personality, strengths and weaknesses of the internal workforce, customer base and the opposition, accordingly. It can be used to seize opportunities and break through barriers within the markets. We can use it as a tool to better captivate and cater to our audiences. Moreover, – and most importantly – we can use it to improve our workforce over time.

In DISC theory, we assess the actions, behaviors, and emotions of each personality involved within the business or hiring process. By doing so, we more effectively scout the right talent for each position that we are fielding for while strengthening the corporate hierarchy from within. Not only do we strengthen the business at its foundation, but we also evolve the corporate culture and create a more favorable environment in which business ultimately thrives.

Hire Smart not Hard

In the “color pallet of personality,” we should seek a smart blend of behaviors and styles to truly maximize the potential of ongoing business initiatives. As a tool for unlocking human potential, DISC may help us to hire smarter and more effectively disrupt industry. Through complacency, we become comfortable. Through discomfort, we grow. By embracing shared goals together, we become more committed to vision, disciplined and willing to evolve.


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