Hanni El Khatib is joined by GZA of Wu-Tang on the remix of ‘Moonlight’

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED BY AXS.COM With a somewhat psychadelic sound, eerie reverbs and delays accompany great vocals over an awesome hippie-funk remix of “Moonlight” featuring GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Hanni El Khatib shows us that Hip Hop can appeal to just about any crowd, including a modern-day Psychadelic audience. However, while very artistic, it leaves audiences asking for a version of this song with clean, untampered vocals that one can listen to repetitively and at the same time grow on them. “Taking us out to the cosmos,” as Hanni’s publicist states is just what this track is about. It does […]

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ICFlix and Visa team up cross platform to convert consumers into brand loyalists

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON EXAMINER Competitors to Netflix join forces with Visa to bring new customers to the company’s Online video playground. A company, known to primarily overseas audiences, ICFlix, was established in 2012 and offers a vast array of titles from Hollywood to Bollywood and even Jazwood, which are Arab releases. According to an August 31, 2014 press release, the company has announced that the offer would begin the following day, which would be September 1, 2014. The offer is very simple, and it is set up to benefit both Visa and ICFlix in assuring that a customer will use […]

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