Ray Donovan: The Internet Marketing and Branding BEHIND the upcoming new series!

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Who is Ray Donovan? Shhhhhhh… (whispering)… He’s the “go to” guy when you need something done but don’t want to get your hands dirty! He makes the problems “go bye bye” for today’s celebrities, high-class business moguls and superstar profile athletes. He’s smooth, slick, and “…no one can ever know…” It’s a good thing he’s Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award nominee, Liev Schreiber, starring as the lead role in “Ray Donovan,” Showtime’s newest drama. Because, after June 30, we might all be sleeping with one eye open!

The Internet Marketing and Branding teams behind this soon-to-be hit tv series, have been doing a wonderful job with SEO Efforts and Brand Awareness to audiences Nationwide. Their Social Branding is awesome, and it definitely hits the psychological and emotional nerves of consumers who are highly anticipating the premiere episode. As a matter of fact, the Facebook “Like” Page for the brand’s presence, on its own, is already liked by 178,000 people, 13,000 which are active and already speaking about the show on a regular basis! This doesn’t include the many to “like” the content displayed therein or the multiple comments by “fans” already on the page!

I’m sure the high profile cast doesn’t hurt, as it features the likes of Lieb Schreiber, Jon Voight, Paula Malcomson, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Katherine Moennig, Pooch Hall, Steven Bauer, Kerris Dorsey and Devon Bagby, Elliott Gould, Johnathon Schaech, Kwame Patterson and Peter Jacobson (JUST to name a few). But, then again, one must give credit where credit is definitely due! After all, there are three weeks left until the first episode actually airs, and a lot of brands don’t even put in work with Social Promotions until just two weeks before release to ensure that “short-term anticipation” brings the return of viewers set out through a set “Call to Action.”

In using Google to find content related to the show, one might notice that categories have been created based around anticipated search terms in providing official content to consumers looking for results from the brand, directly. Searching for Cast Members, Scenes, and Series Information will lead you directly to brand content that will boost all connected media within the search engines. All media is named, titles, and linked to other related media.

In Video Distribution Sites like Youtube, for example, playlists are set up with video content for consumption by potential audiences. They are all hosted on Showtime’s official channels, but sub-hosted via Ray Donovan Playlists. These are all properly titled, tagged, described and pointing to specific Calls to Action and linking to other related content.

These videos shorts don’t include annoying commercials. They are easy to find. Messaging is brief and basic — but it is also very informative. And, there are playlists.

With playlists, distraction by other channel content is less likely and more views (and optimization) are almost guaranteed. Additionally, Archetyping and Brand Storytelling are possible through a series of “Behind the Scenes,” “Character Profiles,” “Trailers,” and more!

The personalization with, the connection to, and familiarity of the show and characters will build anticipation and create a stronger desire for audiences to consume this series on a more loyal basis, instilling Brand Loyalty in the process. Viral means will take place as video content, as well as other content in other distribution channels, are shared. Word of Mouth will occur once the public starts speaking to their friends and family about the brand… and they already are!

While there are so many positive things that the Internet Marketing and Branding teams behind Ray Donovan, the show will speak for itself! These teams have done all they can to make us feel the need to consume this series.

Now, the series will have to “stick us.” And, it is definitely expected to with its high-action energy, immense on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama and emotion, suspense and high-profile actors! All that will be left to do is expand the team, because the next step in the Marketing Process will be the ongoing interaction with fans and content distribution in keeping them “glued” to the show on a more personal level!

While “no one can ever know,” everyone surely will find out!

Be sure to tune in to the series premiere of Ray Donovan at 10 PM(EST | PST), June 30, 2013, only on Showtime!

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