Pioneer to Trapp Metal movement, Whyte Henny ‘Shuts it Down’ for global audiences

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“A lot of Sagittarius like music and this is why they become composers, performers or instrument manufacturing specialists,” one website reports about the traits of a Sagittarius. And as for many Sags, this is quite true. It is, however, particularly true for one act, who is currently emerging onto the major music scene. While signed to London Rowe Music, an Independent Record Label, based out of New York City, his team is far from Independent. And, as he steps onto the scene to “Shut it Down,” he is on a level playing field with the “big guys,” already taking the World by storm!

AXS met with Whyte Henny, April 6, 2015, to find out who this Whyte Henny is and what he is contributing to the music industry.

Providing HypeTrak, one of the largest Online Hip Hop Magazines, based in Japan, with his World premiere of “Shut it Down,” from his upcoming EP entitled Trapp Metal, early in March 2015, we have been rapidly catching wind of one Whyte Henny, which like the drink (his favorite drink) is a hidden gem and catching on to audiences on a niche basis.

Pioneering the Trapp-Metal Movement, Whyte Henny is bringing an exotic blend of Trapp Beats, Hip-Hop, Metal, Ska and Spanish Guitar. Whyte Henny, half Caucasian and also of the Latin culture, roots himself deep in American-bred music styles, while adding a taste of his Latin background to the mix, filling the void where artists like Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine and others left off. Not only filling the void, he has developed his own style, hence the creation of Trapp Music.

Singer, Rapper and Composer, Jeremy May has spent his whole lifetime immersed in musical experiences. Before he was old enough to enroll in Kindergarten, the artist now know as Whyte Henny, received his first guitar. “It was like a right of passage,” he says, explaining how his Grandfather’s influence on his life has impacted his direction in music. “Everyone in the family is expected to play the guitar. But, once I got the guitar in my hand, I actually loved it!” He is quick to tell AXS how his grandfather played the Spanish guitar and how it helped to mold his own experience. It was at this age that he realized what was his life’s calling.

Henny will admit to practicing every day as if his life depended on it and how it has become second nature to him. After years of practice, he was given the opportunity that a ten-year-old could only dream of. His first performance came while opening for his father’s band in front of a sell out crowd, a performance that allowed his father to see his destiny first-hand. The band was “What’s Up” of Imago Records, and it was only the beginning for Whyte Henny, as his career began finding its own direction and his path began to clearly unfold.

Formulating a plan of action, Whyte Henny collaborated with a good friend in creating H.A.T.E., a group that would go on to tour certain festival circuits. In 2006, the rock duo first appeared in front of massive new audiences during the Emergenza Festival and again during the 2011 Van’s Warped Tour, playing multiple smaller events and shows in between. Some of these shows included the ability to play front, row and center at the Mainstage in Webster Hall and at the Starland Ballroom.

According to Whyte Henny: “Where I’m from is a hardened, fast-paced environment that makes you aggressive and hungry for success. People don’t live long where I’m from. My environment is mainly Latino. And, it’s challenging growing up in an environment that is mainly different from who you are. I mean, I understand the culture very well, as my mother is Latina. But, there is also social pressure for me because in that environment, I am mainly viewed as a white guy who’s just cool.” Hence, the spawning of Whyte Henny.

In recent years, Whyte Henny strengthened his bond with his long-time mentor, Michael “Face” Havaien, who has been known for his work managing and working with major acts within the industry. “Face use to manage other acts in my area, and fate somehow brought us together. After working with Face, he introduced me to the rest of my All-Star team, including my co-manager Xavier Ramseur and my production team,The Newton Twins (five-time Grammy-winning producers, known for their work with Jazmine Sullivan, Christina Aguilera, Nelly and the recently Library of Congress inaugurated, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”), ILL Measured”, and ‘The Specialist’ (known for his work on Pink’s ‘Take Me Home”).” He was thus introduced and adopted as part of the London Rowe family.

“Working with legends is an amazing feeling. I remember being in the studio with some of the guys for the first time. I was completely overwhelmed. I remember standing behind the microphone saying that his can’t be happening! It was a very surreal moment for me. It’s awesome having that level of support and influence in the studio.”

Given creative freedom at London Rowe, he couldn’t be happier. In fact, he states that if he was to work with a major label, directly, “I would like to work with a label that shares our vision and will fully support my brand of music,” whereas he writes his own music. He shows his love and dedication to the craft, while daily with his production team; writing, producing and brainstorming.

“Unfortunately and fortunately for me, I don’t engineer my own music… The music itself is unique,” states Whyte Henny, as he continues, “I love the process. We all get together, vibe and the magic starts to happen. My personal style is a fusion of who I am inside. I feel like I embody the spirit of metal and hip-hop. I am a fusion of the cultures.”

Stating that he is hip hop would be far from blasphemous and actually may be an understatement. While his music is primarily Trapp Metal, this clash of Trapp Music and Hard Rock, his personal walk in life is hip-hop “all day.” Something of a humanitarian, Whyte Henny brings something to culture that many artists to this day have yet to do. He has created avenues for the youth to engage in positive activities within their own community. One of these projects includes a Youth Skating Program in New Jersey. Another project that Whyte Henny takes place in is a “Hoodies for the Homeless” program in New York City.

“One of his ambitions for the future: “I would like to extend my youth skating program and create my own international Rock N’ Roll festival… I’m just a wild upbeat personality that loves to intermingle with the people. Without the people, our purpose becomes minimal. Society alone is a major influence [on his dreams, projects and music]. In a fast paced urban environment, anything can happen. Even the cats, cabs and arguments create their own soundtrack.”

This hot blend of music is so unique, it has fans lined up and ready to purchase “Shut the it Down” for their direct to iPod listening pleasure, set for release on April 8, 2015. And, While his music hasn’t officially been released, it has been featured on many websites around the net like, HypeTrak, and Vents Magazine. He has also been playing on quite a few live FM radio stations, even appearing as a new emerging artist on the Global broadcast of Playas Mob Radio, which airs on both FM and Online streams.

Further into the year, Whyte Henny will release two mix-tapes, in addition to his Trapp Metal EP. A Shot of Henny and Henny on-the-Rock are both slated for early 2015 releases. Clothed in Mad Limited, look for Whyte Henny as he takes over the media in 2015. There are a lot of “top secret” projects and partnerships in the making. Without a slur, without a stagger, Whyte Henny is intoxicating audiences all over. Don’t be left behind.

Check out Whyte Henny here.

Five reasons to check out “Shut it Down”

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