When is the best time of year to hire fresh talent?

Cha Cha in the City

As entrepreneurs, we’re already busy as it is. Our budgets are limited in most cases. And, most of us are borderline experiencing “burnout” from all of the hats we’re wearing at once. Suffice to say, our time is precious, and no one lives the badge, “time is money,” with more of an honor than an entrepreneur ready to expand their business.  A solid team, focus, and an in-demand product and/or service is pretty much all that any business needs to experience some sort of growth. But, with growth comes demand, and with demand comes the need to bring a few extra hands on deck. Businesses that don’t will ultimately become overwhelmed and stand the chance of facing imminent failure.  As we begin to build or expand our business, we need to consider our resources and evolve our internal business model. In order to create a successful hiring cycle, here are many elements that we need to take into account. Consider the following when looking at your existing model: How large are our budgets? How large is our current team? In which areas do they specialize? Who will be doing the hiring? Where will we be hiring? What type of talent […]

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