Gutta Slim: Bringing the Florida sound back to Hip Hop and still “2 G 4 TV”

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Scorpios are known for their transformation and ability to master just about anything they lay their hands on. For this reason, you tend to see them evolve and become truer to “self” the older and more established they become. In fact, Scorpios are known for putting all their heart, soul and passion into whatever they encounter on their journey to the top. The same is no different for George “Gutta Slim” Hannah, Jr. of West Palm Beach, Florida. Today, AXS sat down with Gutta Slim to get a little more personal on his progress and journey as an independent artist. As a youngster, born in the country town of Pahokee, Hannah lived, ate and breathed baseball. He was an All-Star since the age of 5, mastering his pitch and earning a plethora of MVP trophies, most of his world believed that he would one day go on to play in the majors. But into the excitement of all his wins, he totally lost interest and instead became dedicated to the trumpet, playing all through high school and in the marching band. During his high school years, he became distracted and learned that his true passion was, […]

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Murs announces Dallas tour date

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PUBLISHED TO AXS This year, Murs released his 9th solo album under Tech N9ne’s Strange Music label, fitting for an artist whose name has multiple meanings, including “Making the Universe Recognize and Submit.” Nine is infinite with the universe and all things aligned in the conscious act of creation. A creative artist who advocates on behalf of adversity, human rights and “taking back destiny,” he lyrically defines the streets while emphasizing knowledge for the conscious mind. A native of LA’s South Central, Murs is considered a “top-10 underrated” underground hip-hop. His music appears on video games, mixtapes, collaborative projects and DVDs. With his newest album, “Have a Nice Life,” he tours almost every day through December, stopping in Dallas on October 23 at Club Dada.

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Exclusive: Check out the new ‘Trapp Metal’ EP from Whyte Henny

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Steadily gaining national and international acclaim and support from industry legends, Trapp Metal pioneers Whyte Henny are returning to AXS with an exclusive first look at their new “unplugged” EP release, Trapp Metal, which will be out next week under the London Rowe Music umbrella. Although “Shut it Down,” made its way to radio stations around the country as early as Spring of 2015, fans have had to wait patiently for the EP’s full release. Today, we’re proud to premiere Trapp Metal in its entirety, in the 17-minute video embedded above. AXS last met with Whyte Henny on April 6 to find out who he was and what he was about. Featured on some of the largest hip hop sites out there, he had been quickly making a name for himself. As the pioneer of a new genre, called Trapp Metal, one finds Whyte Henny’s music “an exotic blend of Trapp Beats, Hip-Hop, Metal, Ska and Spanish Guitar.” As a young man with both Caucasian and Latin roots, Henny’s background gives him leverage over many voids other artists have been unable to fulfill. His personal style sets him over the top. Since the last encounter with […]

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Knowledge, the fifth element: New app embraces hip hop and edu-tainment

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM The Sabir Bey Show commences with a new home at RMC On Air, after three successful seasons on LA Talk Live, reaching audiences of over 8 million weekly viewers in over 180 countries around the World. It is anticipated that the show will take off to new heights with new platforms and a ton of new projects in the works. Producer of The Sabir Bey Show sat down with AXS on Sunday, September 27, to discuss what this sometimes controversial awakening has got in store for enthusiasts and students across the globe. New Mobile ApplicationToting a brand new mobile app, the show now airs live each and every Friday night at 7:30 PM Est (4:30 PM Pst). The app is very interactive, connecting the official social network of The Sabir Bey Show directly to the mobile app for “always on” access to knowledge… the fifth element of hip hop. Users can view case studies, e-books, dictionaries, DVDs, movies and much more! While this mobile app is only in beta, it is continually evolving to meet the needs of students and viewers around the country. Out of Darkness Film, Lecture Tour & ScreeningsCompared to many classic edu-series […]

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Futuristic Retrospective | Crissanji: Your newest favorite artist?

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON AXS.COM Vibrant, ambitious… exciting, Aries individuals are natural born leaders; they groove to a vibe all of their own. They don’t just love music because it has a nice beat; they live by the music that pulses throughout their body, originating from their soul. They love the high pitches and the low bellows, the gritty and grunge, the strings. Today, August 7, 2015, AXS sits down for an exclusive interview. An Aries gentleman with a groove all of his own, Crissanji continues to be one of Florida’s most underrated R&B singers of quite-possibly-ever. Releasing his “Futuristic Retrospects” exactly a year ago, the world is slowly getting to know this independent artist and choreographer. Crissanji has already begun taking over audiences in the South and including the Caribbean, easily becoming an International success with time and effort. As he is joined by his group, Crossovah, Crissanji has been known to perform and awe audiences with unique style and sound that continues to have fans waiting for an encore. With a fusion of Pop, 90s R&B, Reggae, Soca and Dancehall, fans almost feel ripped off when the party is over. They just can’t get enough. Crissanji is joined by […]

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Yurb’s Definition of Grown | A positive movement towards standards and morale

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Honorable and with a style centered around the grown and sexy, Yurb, an emerging artist from Fort Pierce, Fla., is adamant about his contributions to a higher standard of living and the overall morale of society. As he provides the World with his new single, “Slyde,” from his debut album, Grown Folks Music Volume 1, Terrance “Yurb” Yearby is a mirror image of what a true Leo is destined to be. Yurb is a warm-spirited, fierce and confident soul full of ambition and loyalty. His loyalty is to an old way of living, where people actually dated and where courtship and romance are king. Not just a romantic, his dominant inner-Leo shines through aggressively, dominantly and proving his loyalty to the betterment of his kingdom. He met with AXS April 7, to give a little more detail into who he is and where his is going. Growing up in Fort Pierce, he was faced with the challenges of the inner city, as well as the lack of opportunity that comes with living in a country town. Yurb has been a witness to much adversity and a disheartened society, leading him to become a great survivor in […]

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Pioneer to Trapp Metal movement, Whyte Henny ‘Shuts it Down’ for global audiences

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM “A lot of Sagittarius like music and this is why they become composers, performers or instrument manufacturing specialists,” one website reports about the traits of a Sagittarius. And as for many Sags, this is quite true. It is, however, particularly true for one act, who is currently emerging onto the major music scene. While signed to London Rowe Music, an Independent Record Label, based out of New York City, his team is far from Independent. And, as he steps onto the scene to “Shut it Down,” he is on a level playing field with the “big guys,” already taking the World by storm! AXS met with Whyte Henny, April 6, 2015, to find out who this Whyte Henny is and what he is contributing to the music industry. Providing HypeTrak, one of the largest Online Hip Hop Magazines, based in Japan, with his World premiere of “Shut it Down,” from his upcoming EP entitled Trapp Metal, early in March 2015, we have been rapidly catching wind of one Whyte Henny, which like the drink (his favorite drink) is a hidden gem and catching on to audiences on a niche basis. Pioneering the Trapp-Metal Movement, Whyte Henny […]

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‘Independents: The Industry Cowboys’ featured insights from Walter Williams, Sr.

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED BY AXS.COM Music has and will always be like the oxygen in to the veins society. It is permanently embedded into our DNA… a way for ancestors to carry tradition into the future. It is a way to tell their story. It is a notepad for culture. Music is here to stay. It is detrimental to many lives. It is food to the soul. As saturated as markets have become, being an independent artist isn’t such a bad thing. Sure, being independent may or may not lead to success. It may or may not lead to fame. And, it definitely does not guarantee that you will ever make more money than you would working minimum wage somewhere. But, the ability to be YOU through YOUR own and benefit 100 percent from it… that is priceless. As an independent, you will encounter sacrifice, empty pockets, lack of fulfilling relationships and the need to over-prove yourself to onlookers, just to show your dedication and seriousness to “the game.” It is a tough game, but it is one that you definitely can win. It is a game that will change lives… many lives for the better. It is a dirty game, […]

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The O’Jays Walter Williams, Sr: An inspiration, legend and man of great wisdom

The O’Jays Walter Williams, Sr: An inspiration, legend and man of great wisdom

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Three generations are coming together to celebrate and enjoy five decades of magic by the legendary O’Jays, a mighty and inspiring Rhythm and Blues group of which is included in Cleveland’s Famous Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Initially getting their start in 1958, the group continues touring and recording hit music, bringing soulful harmonies into our homes and empowering us on the topics of love and life. Even with many number one hits and Platinum selling albums, life isn’t always easy; and we can learn a lot from the catalog of music that The O’Jays have recorded over the years. Aside from their music, we can learn from the O’Jays, as individuals. A delightful soul with some of the most interesting stories to share, Walter Williams, Sr. opens up to AXS on his journey — how it began and the hardships endured in the process — and why it was all worth it in the end. A true Virgo, August 25, 1943, marked the birth of one of the most influential stars of our lifetime. Hailing from Canton, Ohio, Mr. Walter Williams was destined for stardom and to leave his imprint on our society forever. […]

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The Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show comes to Pittsburgh’s Waterfront

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM An annual networking event benefiting the Toys for Tots Foundation takes place at the Waterfront’s Sing Sing venue in the heart of Pittsburgh’s favorite hangout location. Thanks to SweetNote Entertainment, owned and operated by one Mr. B. Michael Smith (who AXS also spoke to about this event), local musicians, businesses and fans will collaborate for the fourth consecutive year in raising donations and toys for children during the holiday season. At this particular event, however, the children aren’t the only ones going home with a little something in their stocking! On December 14, 2014, guests attending this live music event are encouraged to bring toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Upon donation, they are given a raffle ticket for prize giveaways that have been donated by supportive community businesses that are contributing to the cause. These companies have also donated to giveaways strictly for the performing acts, as well they have sponsored the position of the acts showcasing in this charitable event. The mission of this event is to make everyone who attends leave just a little bit happier! The idea for the annual Rock’N’Soul event started when the manager of Sing Sing: Dueling Piano […]

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