eMindful, Muse, and Goldie Hawn Team Up to Promote Meditation for Brain Health

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TALENT ZOO’S DIGITAL PIVOT “I understand that maybe you can’t dedicate an hour a day to meditation. But if you can’t even take 20 minutes for yourself to meditate, you’re just letting your ego get in the way.” –Sabir Bey, Host of The Sabir Bey Show. Most people don’t understand the importance of meditation, especially its importance for clarity, rest, and keeping the mind agile. But meditation is extremely important, especially at a time when we overload our minds with digital insight and allow that same digital platform to continue “thinking” on our behalf. For this, two leaders in meditation technology have teamed up to launch “a national challenge to ease people into mindful living.” The companies also partnered with the Goldie Hawn Foundation to promote “mindful thinking” to children and educators. A headband created by Muse sets out to motivate people into adopting a better understanding of their minds during meditation. At the onset of 2016, millions of people have publicly set resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles, and a sound mind is one of the most important elements of the “get healthy” process. This nationwide initiative is leading a “1% Challenge that encourages people to dedicate at least […]

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The World’s First Music-Activated Run to Debut at CES 2016

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON TALENT ZOO’S DIGITAL PIVOT Technogym, an innovator in the World of Health and Fitness, is releasing a product that will literally have fitness junkies running to get it. A company that has prided itself on technology and design-driven product lines, Technogym now gives you “happy feet” for yet another fabulous reason — the “World’s First Music Interactive Treadmill!” Well, duh! It’s about time! We have been waiting for one of these babies! Companies like Samsung and Creative Technologies have been “auralating” for years, analyzing us and selecting music based on our current mood. So why hasn’t anyone put this technology into a treadmill? Probably liability concerns. The good news is that one brave soul has finally created the coolest invention in home-gym technology that we have seen since the ability to calculate your heart rate during a heavy run! Since tech companies have been finding ways to integrate cloud technologies into our gadgets, Technogym has been finding ways to connect users with their personal wellness experiences anywhere, which is amazing news to those that like to go outside and get some fresh air once in a while. As the trophy piece to any gym, this super-charged treadmill […]

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Shopify’s Sello Empowers M-Commerce Through Mobile & Social Selling

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TMC NET’S MAD MARKETER Shopify recently introduced a new solution aimed at making mobile sales simple and effective. According to Mobile Commerce Press, Sello will “allow anyone to create an online store, share the products that they find or offer through social networks, and make payments from a smartphone.” As mobile adoption rates continue to increase around the world – and especially in areas that mobile is the only connection to the outside world – more people are electing to take their commerce to mobile, finding challenges in both shopping and selling along the way. Sello has created a means of disrupting all challenges and making the buying and selling experience enjoyable again. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Sello interfaces with social networks to make social selling even simpler. This allows for social sign-in for a quicker, more user-friendly shopping experience that encourages users to return to, time and time again. As stated by Mobile Commerce Press, “Shopify has taken note of the rise in casual selling” and is learning to capitalize off of it – literally. Through years of expert experience and disruption within the commerce space, Shopify has provided retailers with a “wide […]

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Sorry, Eavesdroppers: BlackBerry SecuSUITE Delivers Government-level Security to Mobile

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TMC NET’S CALL RECORDING As BlackBerry continues fulfilling pre-sales of a November 6 release of BlackBerry Priv, CrackBerry, the survivors’ guide to everything Blackberry, fills us in on BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE for Enterprise app. This app will be available later this week for BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS. This app is structured to allow VoIP technology to conduct secure, untapped conversations across the globe. This security is set at the maximum security level. BlackBerry, still considered a leader in the Enterprise and business ecosystem, is moving just one step further in reviving a brand so harshly abused during the rise of iPhone and Android devices. In its plan for resurgence, BlackBerry continues its mission of making businesses more secure through the power of technology. The new SecuSUITE will only work over Wi-Fi connections to avoid compromise. This app will also be able to deliver encrypted, 128-bit text messages of any size and length through the AES-standard. In fact, when the recipient is unavailable, the message will be stored until that receiver can access the message via his or her registered smartphone device only. BlackBerry’s secure telecommunications platform will come with a low monthly fee, but many will choose […]

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App Annie Announces Mobile App Intelligence Made Better

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TMC NET’S MOBILITY TECH ZONE Recently, App Annie announced new benefits to operators and OEMs everywhere.  As the largest mobile application intelligence platform, it has continuously delivered powerful market data and insights to users in the app economy. App Annie has announced an expansion of its Usage Intelligence product that will continue to offer business intelligence data to telecommunications operators and OEM professionals—device manufacturers are also included in this community. The product will launch to mobile app operations in over 60 countries and support both Android and iOS operating systems. Together, users will be able to better gauge the strength of strategic partnerships and how they convert for each prospective partner. This will also lead to the identification of potential partners and forge stronger ties amongst partners. It is one thing knowing the company you keep, but what about the company of your partner? This new innovation will help users to better understand competitive landscapes and take advantage of opportunities within the market. Ultimately, this could potentially increase product and service lines, how content, products and services are consumed and diversify markets for an already established brand. With over 500K mobile professions reported to rely on App […]

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HIPPA-Compliant ensa: A New Accessory for Your Health

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Previously Published to TalentZoo’s Digital Pivot If you could access your health records at any time, anywhere, would you do it? Ensa.com, Inc. will release the world’s first mobile solution for accessing electronic health records at the 2015 Dublin Web Summit on November 4. Five years in the making, ensa will enable users to access their entire health record and clinical data around the clock and receive ongoing, personalized health and wellness advice in real time. In fact, users can opt to receive feedback and wellness alerts via smartwatch configurations while working to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Ensa.com is a healthcare technology company with offices in both Connecticut and New York City. Its flagship mobile solution, “ensa,” is the answer to mobile access of medical information during an emergency situation and in administrative need. This will provide instant access to medical information without he inconvenience of contacting health care teams during open office hours or traveling to pick up supporting documents. Focused on security breaches and privacy laws, Ensa has worked intricately within their systems to meet HIPPA compliances and security standards through “use of advanced Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).” This healthcare solution delivers recommendations to patients in […]

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Brand Competitively: New App Allows for Easy Social Competitions

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Previously Published to TalentZoo’s Digital Pivot Perhaps branding socially just became more interactive for smaller, more innovative brands around the world. Today, WhozTop has officially launched as the answer to user-generated challenges and mobile contests. This is a godsend to brands that have had to fork out outrageous costs for hosting live voting events with very little turnout. WhozTop is to be the destination for hands-on experiences in the digital world. Tapping the app portal will open a world of brand awareness campaigns for many merging and expanding businesses and will allow the everyday user to be equally as embraced!  Perfect for holiday contests and Facebook competitions, WhozTop encourages friends and families to download this app for either iOS or Android. Users can create, share, and take part in competitions that foster the imagination and encourage sociability. This app allows everyone to take part in the fun, leaving no user left to tally up the “likes” or sort and collect data. Basic rules are set, and competitions can begin cross-platform via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that no one is left out of the fun – or out of the loop! Matt Foster, co-founder and CEO of WhozTop, says about […]

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Smart, Sexy, and Powerful: Introducing the Smart Bracelet

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Previously Published to TalentZoo’s Digital Pivot Forget wearable watches by Apple. They’re a done deal, and it might be a good thing. Elegance, flair, and pheromones for the tech world are soon to be unleashed in the form of Eyecatcher by Looksee Labs. Gaining popularity on Kickstarter, this developer is currently raising 224% over the proposed need of $75K. They only have 36 days left in the campaign and still have the potential to reach a “stretch goal” of $250K. Meeting this goal will mean that it will be available on Android as well as on the iPhone. The iPhone was the first choice for the developer. https://www.youtube.com/embed/_hQ5fWtNebQ?feature=oembed ​Eyecatcher reminds us that “smart and sexy is a powerful combination.” Without the need to recharge often, one will wonder if it needs any power at all. As a matter of fact, the rechargeable battery is said to last up to one year on a single charge. This means there will never be another excuse of a “dead battery.” Ladies, we know what your boyfriends will be getting this Christmas. Yes, this bracelet could be dangerous! For the ladies, the developer has created two bangle watches. There is an option of a […]

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Paws For a Minute: New App Makes Owning a Pet Just a Little Bit Simpler

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Previously Published to TalentZoo’s Digital Pivot Proving there is an app for everything, a new pet-sitting and dog-walking app has launched in the greater Los Angeles area and is making life just a little bit easier for the average pet owner in the region. As Los Angeles continues to be one of the top cities to relocate to for career opportunities, there continue to be pet owners who are in need of a little help when work responsibilities overlap personal lives. Ensuring a quality life for our furry-footed loved ones could be not only beneficial to them but also guilt-free for us. Walkio, a web-based mobile application and database, provides instant access to willing dog walkers and pet sitters. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, known as APPA, a leading not-for-profit trade association servicing the interests of pet product manufacturers and importers, recently released a survey stating that 65% of all Americans own a pet, yet between 6–8 million pets end up entering shelters on an annual basis. This happens because the lifestyle of the career professional and/or student often requires travel, working away from home, longer hours, and finding a affordable, dependable pet sitter, which can become a very difficult task. […]

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The Sabir Bey Show announces new projects, releases and home on RMC On Air

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON EXAMINER The producer of The Sabir Bey Show met up with Examiner Sunday, Sept. 27, to update the news network with some of the latest releases from this hit streaming broadcast show and host, Sabir Bey. Current releases include a growing Web presence, interactive mobile application and new home at RMC On Air. This comes just four months after leaving a previous tenure at LA Talk Live, where the show endured three flourishing seasons. The Sabir Bey Show has now been given the freedom to enter new platforms and merge into new markets, where a new message needs to be heard and discussed. The topics will remain focused on “civics, law, history, health, society, culture and true hip-hop.” Therefore, it will remain unchanged to loyal viewers, who continuously return to the show for the fifth element in hip-hop — knowledge! The Sabir Bey Show has now been given the freedom to enter new platforms and merge into new markets, where a new message needs to be heard and discussed. The topics will remain focused on “civics, law, history, health, society, culture and true hip-hop.” Therefore, it will remain unchanged to loyal viewers, who continuously return to the […]

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