Marketing Yourself Through Breadcrumbs

PUBLISHED TO TALENTZOO Recently, I had a conversation with a young professional. I was working on his resume and realized that although he was only 25, he was very accomplished. He had a Master’s Degree and multiple certifications. He had leveraged massive growth and real estate acquisitions for his company while maintaining budgets of over a billion dollars. I was also crafting his LinkedIn portfolio. I was shocked to know it was his first profile […]

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Marketing Yourself Through Resume

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN TWO PARTS ON TALENTZOO As a professional in an ever-evolving world of technology, it is absolutely important to keep abreast of changes that occur within the standard operations of society and hiring processes. Not many realize that with the evolution of information systems, most hiring processes are initiated, if not fully executed, online. Therefore, hiring managers and executive decision makers are eliminating the number of resumes that they are scouring each week […]

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Elements of Internet Marketing: BrandYOU

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON EXAMINER DISCLAIMER: Every once in a while, we cover “Elements of Internet Marketing” and why they are important for everyone to be aware or reminded of. Some of these topics are not new, but they are very important to consumers and service providers to repeatedly encounter and understand. Today’s “Element” is related to the topic of “BrandYou”. Enjoy! BrandYOU! Yes, this is a very important topic. I am glad to be writing […]

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BrandYourself: A cool, novice tool for ‘owning your name’ in cyberspace

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON EXAMINER Have you ever “Googled” yourself only to find websites that have nothing to do with you? Mugshots of criminals? Reviews about businesses not even in the same state as you? Would you like to dominate the first few pages of Google with your search results? Aside from in-depth SEO-work by a professional, there is a basic tool available to novice users everywhere. A few months ago, I discovered a site called […]

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