Hashtag MoorishLivesMatter: The social media movement towards an awakening

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO EXAMINER In an era of hashtags and memes, it is somewhat more effective to create a social campaign surrounding a hashtag in order to promote your cause to the World than it is to send out brochures and e-mails, promoting your cause. Statements made through hashtags on Social media are more personable this way. People are able to connect to those with similar interest by simply clicking hashtag phrases for similar conversational results. Or, they may understand an unfamiliar phrase in a more in-depth matter. These statements are short and simple. They are able to speak their mind in few or minimal words. In many instances, hashtags actually work as a silent protest and petition. They act to connect users in conversation surrounding issues in their communities or lifestyle. Some hashtags actually gain interest based on the “support” they receive by the social networks that host them. Take Twitter, for example, they use trending topics to continue social conversation in their system platform. In representing a specific cause or movement, hashtags are simply a way to take a stand, state your opinion and gain awareness while branding a cause with more information. It is a new era. […]

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The Sabir Bey Show announces new projects, releases and home on RMC On Air

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON EXAMINER The producer of The Sabir Bey Show met up with Examiner Sunday, Sept. 27, to update the news network with some of the latest releases from this hit streaming broadcast show and host, Sabir Bey. Current releases include a growing Web presence, interactive mobile application and new home at RMC On Air. This comes just four months after leaving a previous tenure at LA Talk Live, where the show endured three flourishing seasons. The Sabir Bey Show has now been given the freedom to enter new platforms and merge into new markets, where a new message needs to be heard and discussed. The topics will remain focused on “civics, law, history, health, society, culture and true hip-hop.” Therefore, it will remain unchanged to loyal viewers, who continuously return to the show for the fifth element in hip-hop — knowledge! The Sabir Bey Show has now been given the freedom to enter new platforms and merge into new markets, where a new message needs to be heard and discussed. The topics will remain focused on “civics, law, history, health, society, culture and true hip-hop.” Therefore, it will remain unchanged to loyal viewers, who continuously return to the […]

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Knowledge, the fifth element: New app embraces hip hop and edu-tainment

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM The Sabir Bey Show commences with a new home at RMC On Air, after three successful seasons on LA Talk Live, reaching audiences of over 8 million weekly viewers in over 180 countries around the World. It is anticipated that the show will take off to new heights with new platforms and a ton of new projects in the works. Producer of The Sabir Bey Show sat down with AXS on Sunday, September 27, to discuss what this sometimes controversial awakening has got in store for enthusiasts and students across the globe. New Mobile ApplicationToting a brand new mobile app, the show now airs live each and every Friday night at 7:30 PM Est (4:30 PM Pst). The app is very interactive, connecting the official social network of The Sabir Bey Show directly to the mobile app for “always on” access to knowledge… the fifth element of hip hop. Users can view case studies, e-books, dictionaries, DVDs, movies and much more! While this mobile app is only in beta, it is continually evolving to meet the needs of students and viewers around the country. Out of Darkness Film, Lecture Tour & ScreeningsCompared to many classic edu-series […]

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Yurb’s Definition of Grown | A positive movement towards standards and morale

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Honorable and with a style centered around the grown and sexy, Yurb, an emerging artist from Fort Pierce, Fla., is adamant about his contributions to a higher standard of living and the overall morale of society. As he provides the World with his new single, “Slyde,” from his debut album, Grown Folks Music Volume 1, Terrance “Yurb” Yearby is a mirror image of what a true Leo is destined to be. Yurb is a warm-spirited, fierce and confident soul full of ambition and loyalty. His loyalty is to an old way of living, where people actually dated and where courtship and romance are king. Not just a romantic, his dominant inner-Leo shines through aggressively, dominantly and proving his loyalty to the betterment of his kingdom. He met with AXS April 7, to give a little more detail into who he is and where his is going. Growing up in Fort Pierce, he was faced with the challenges of the inner city, as well as the lack of opportunity that comes with living in a country town. Yurb has been a witness to much adversity and a disheartened society, leading him to become a great survivor in […]

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Pioneer to Trapp Metal movement, Whyte Henny ‘Shuts it Down’ for global audiences

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM “A lot of Sagittarius like music and this is why they become composers, performers or instrument manufacturing specialists,” one website reports about the traits of a Sagittarius. And as for many Sags, this is quite true. It is, however, particularly true for one act, who is currently emerging onto the major music scene. While signed to London Rowe Music, an Independent Record Label, based out of New York City, his team is far from Independent. And, as he steps onto the scene to “Shut it Down,” he is on a level playing field with the “big guys,” already taking the World by storm! AXS met with Whyte Henny, April 6, 2015, to find out who this Whyte Henny is and what he is contributing to the music industry. Providing HypeTrak, one of the largest Online Hip Hop Magazines, based in Japan, with his World premiere of “Shut it Down,” from his upcoming EP entitled Trapp Metal, early in March 2015, we have been rapidly catching wind of one Whyte Henny, which like the drink (his favorite drink) is a hidden gem and catching on to audiences on a niche basis. Pioneering the Trapp-Metal Movement, Whyte Henny […]

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Immortal Technique: From third world to new world, independently changing lives

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Growing up in Harlem, Peru native Immortal Technique developed a strong passion for true Hip Hop culture and the five basic elements therein. As a child, Felipe Andres Coronel had to leave his home during a civil war and arrived in the United States, only to be subjected to political corruption at a very young age. This, in addition to ongoing conflict with racism, battle within the streets and false flaggers, Immortal Technique saw jail time on more than one occasion. With offenses in multiple states, it was only after so long that he would be faced with hard time for aggravated assault. After all, he is “Immortal,” not “Invincible.” As he encountered reality, Immortal Technique headed back to the pen and pad, a place where he could find peace and solitude, writing down the encounters in his life, as well as the things that he saw and experienced struggling in a third world country as a youngster and during visits to his homeland as an adult. In finding knowledge of self, he put racism amongst Latinos into perspective as a whole. He learned to embrace his African heritage, handed down to him through his grandfather’s […]

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Hanni El Khatib is joined by GZA of Wu-Tang on the remix of ‘Moonlight’

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED BY AXS.COM With a somewhat psychadelic sound, eerie reverbs and delays accompany great vocals over an awesome hippie-funk remix of “Moonlight” featuring GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Hanni El Khatib shows us that Hip Hop can appeal to just about any crowd, including a modern-day Psychadelic audience. However, while very artistic, it leaves audiences asking for a version of this song with clean, untampered vocals that one can listen to repetitively and at the same time grow on them. “Taking us out to the cosmos,” as Hanni’s publicist states is just what this track is about. It does give you this feeling of “moonlight” and “bizzarro” if you can take the independent sound out of the equation. And still, you will be repeating the hook even after it has left your airspace. Watching the official video to “Moonlight” is just as eerie and interesting as listening to the track itself and a must watch! No wonder GZA agreed to “hop” onto the remix! The world met Hanni El Khatib in 2011 with his debut album entitled Will The Guns Come Out, followed by his 2013 release of Head in the Dirt. On both albums, he considered the studio […]

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