Independent Artists Find An Ally | Major League Distribution Without Selling Their Souls

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Previously Published via News Break Daring to steal market share from companies, such as TuneCore, RED Music, and The Orchard, Too Lost announced distribution possibilities that could change independent music forever. Providing new opportunities for distribution and marketing, Too Lost introduces opportunities for artists to be heard without overextending themselves, financially, and with little-to-no results. Better yet, through these new opportunities, artists would be able to keep 100% of their creative rights and ownership of master recordings. Not only would artists find distribution with 250 different music stores and streaming services, but they would also gain access to a slew of marketing tools and branding support services. “Too Lost is highly automated and maximizes the use of machine learning technology to power the services we offer and make them incredibly efficient,” added Hirschhorn. “We want to empower independent artists and labels to manage their businesses on their own terms.” A digital music distribution network, based in New York City, Too Lost was founded by a pair of publishing and distribution insiders, who “believed some of the major music organizations were doing a disservice to the independent musicians under their wing.” Through monthly subscription services, Too Lost makes distribution as cheap […]

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‘Independents: The Industry Cowboys’ featured insights from Walter Williams, Sr.

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED BY AXS.COM Music has and will always be like the oxygen in to the veins society. It is permanently embedded into our DNA… a way for ancestors to carry tradition into the future. It is a way to tell their story. It is a notepad for culture. Music is here to stay. It is detrimental to many lives. It is food to the soul. As saturated as markets have become, being an independent artist isn’t such a bad thing. Sure, being independent may or may not lead to success. It may or may not lead to fame. And, it definitely does not guarantee that you will ever make more money than you would working minimum wage somewhere. But, the ability to be YOU through YOUR own and benefit 100 percent from it… that is priceless. As an independent, you will encounter sacrifice, empty pockets, lack of fulfilling relationships and the need to over-prove yourself to onlookers, just to show your dedication and seriousness to “the game.” It is a tough game, but it is one that you definitely can win. It is a game that will change lives… many lives for the better. It is a dirty game, […]

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The Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show comes to Pittsburgh’s Waterfront

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM An annual networking event benefiting the Toys for Tots Foundation takes place at the Waterfront’s Sing Sing venue in the heart of Pittsburgh’s favorite hangout location. Thanks to SweetNote Entertainment, owned and operated by one Mr. B. Michael Smith (who AXS also spoke to about this event), local musicians, businesses and fans will collaborate for the fourth consecutive year in raising donations and toys for children during the holiday season. At this particular event, however, the children aren’t the only ones going home with a little something in their stocking! On December 14, 2014, guests attending this live music event are encouraged to bring toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Upon donation, they are given a raffle ticket for prize giveaways that have been donated by supportive community businesses that are contributing to the cause. These companies have also donated to giveaways strictly for the performing acts, as well they have sponsored the position of the acts showcasing in this charitable event. The mission of this event is to make everyone who attends leave just a little bit happier! The idea for the annual Rock’N’Soul event started when the manager of Sing Sing: Dueling Piano […]

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Playas Mob Radio: Excellent platform for independents to shine alongside majors

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO AXS.COM Independent music artists are constantly looking for an avenue to be heard by potential fans and to be discovered by the music industry’s top movers and shakers. The problem, however, is that there are multiple avenues for them to do so. And still, their objective is not being achieved due to barriers of entry and/or lack of mixed audience participation. Independent artists are faced with paying high fees without the promise that they will be heard and accepted with open arms by those that can make their dreams a reality. Often times, they pay high fees, and there is no audience at all. Other times, platforms for distribution and promotion are so saturated that no one is listening, either! Most of the time, options are limited and opportunities to excel are non existent. Enter Playas Mob Radio. AXS sat down with them today to find out more about what they do, who they are and what keeps them going! According to the description given on their official website: “The Playas Mob Radio Show acts as a platform to showcase Independent Acts and give a platform to current top talents and veteran stars to use for PR […]

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