Experts say you need a Marketing & Revenue Attribution Strategy in 2021. But, do you?

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Previously Published on News Break Experts say you need a Marketing & Revenue Attribution Strategy. But, do you have one? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of marketing attribution, revenue tracking and where your customers could be getting lost in the sales funnel. “Whoever owns your attribution model owns your budget,” states Lars Hirsch, Principal Product Manager of Sponsored Products at Amazon. What is Marketing Attribution? The Content Marketing Institute defines marketing attribution as “a set of user actions that contribute to a desired outcome, (i.e., a conversion) and assigning a value to each of these events. It helps you to understand which combination of events in which particular order influences people to engage in a desired behavior. It proves your content is working. It helps marketing align with sales, determines your budget, and can improve your content quality.” Per CMI, “Marketing attribution is integral to the success of content marketing because the vast majority of touchpoints (instances where potential customers interact with your brand in some way) happen online. They occur when someone reads your blog post, e-book, or infographic, or watches your video. Marketing attribution models enable content marketers to more accurately understand how their content […]

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Digital Advertising, Trends & Revenue | What to expect in 2021

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON NEWS BREAK “The shift to online spending and the massive increase in audiences for media during the pandemic has driven a new reality for advertisers,” addresses Nev Hasan, Executive Director of Agency Sales at Foxtel. According to Nev, three out of four Australians (76%) report that they are willing to be interrupted by ads in exchange for free options when streaming movies and television shows.” In fact, the total average view time on streaming services such as Tubi and Crackle have shown an increase of 242% on average year-over-year (YoY). He continues by saying that from August of this year, “IAS Research in Australia shows 85% of consumers have access to a connected TV device, with 78% of consumers increasing their consumption of streaming content and 49% signing up for new services.” This comes from a newly-released study conducted by SpotX just last week. SpotX is considered to be the leading video advertising platform for multi-screen monetization and is thought to be shaping the future of TV, on behalf of well-known content and media owners across the globe. “As we move further into the connected decade, incumbents and new entrants alike will invest in the future of […]

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All Cycles Lead to Unified Customer Service, Enhanced by Automation

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TMC NET’S REAL-TIME COMMUNICATIONS Survata Research Partners recently carried out a survey on behalf of FollowAnalytics and Gigaom Research on mobile app utilization by enterprise users. A focus group of 450 mobile marketers was surveyed on their mobile activity and the results of mobile marketing in 2015. To better understand the priorities and needs of marketers across some of the world’s most leading brands, the survey sought to find the root of potential issues, as brands adopt “mobile-first and omnichannel” business practices. The goal of this survey was to find new ways to “improve the customer experience, while creating long- term customer value and loyalty,“ elements that build for long-term success of a brand and influence word of mouth initiatives set forth by marketers, over time.  The study noted that a “majority of marketers say connected CRM-driven mobile apps are extremely important to developing rich, omnichannel customer journeys.” In fact, the collected data has led FollowAnalytics to recommend that brands seeking a return on mobile investment should adopt mobile app strategies, while targeting that exact customer value, utilizing an ominichannel approach to instill personalization and customer interactivity — allowing them to utilize personal data across platforms and […]

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Shopify’s Sello Empowers M-Commerce Through Mobile & Social Selling

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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED TO TMC NET’S MAD MARKETER Shopify recently introduced a new solution aimed at making mobile sales simple and effective. According to Mobile Commerce Press, Sello will “allow anyone to create an online store, share the products that they find or offer through social networks, and make payments from a smartphone.” As mobile adoption rates continue to increase around the world – and especially in areas that mobile is the only connection to the outside world – more people are electing to take their commerce to mobile, finding challenges in both shopping and selling along the way. Sello has created a means of disrupting all challenges and making the buying and selling experience enjoyable again. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Sello interfaces with social networks to make social selling even simpler. This allows for social sign-in for a quicker, more user-friendly shopping experience that encourages users to return to, time and time again. As stated by Mobile Commerce Press, “Shopify has taken note of the rise in casual selling” and is learning to capitalize off of it – literally. Through years of expert experience and disruption within the commerce space, Shopify has provided retailers with a “wide […]

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