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With almost 20 years of expertise in Business, Technology and the Music Industry, Jessica N. Abraham continues to leave a lasting impression on businesses -- both large and small -- lending her services, as not only a writer but also a designer and publicist, who specializes in the areas of Social Branding, Public Relations and Digital Marketing Strategy. Creating memorable experiences for audiences all over the globe, she's also a former producer, engineer and radio personality, known for her work on successful radio shows, platforms and events, advocating for education, entrepreneurship and tomorrow's future leaders.



Poised to be a great success and after a few years of planning, Jessica will introduce her newest project to the masses. will premiere across popular social networks, streaming audio and video platforms on January 2, 2021. is a streaming television and radio broadcast network, covering innovative business concepts, alternative technologies and the behind-the-scenes world of live music and entertainment. Her team seeks to find the truth behind breaking news, fetishize digital gadgetry and review newly released products, as they rise within the markets.

On the show, she will interview music legends and pick the brains of top industry executives -- all while discussing the latest trends in Corporate America and how you can hack the entire hiring process.  


After spending years crafting the "perfect resume" for competitor agencies, it was time for Jessica to step out on the limb and spread her wings. Teaming up with other writers and sales professionals, she opened Resume.Academy to the public in September of 2016.

Resume.Academy would not only provide resume writing services to clients looking to transition within their career, but it would also serve the DIY audiences by providing video and blogs that break down the sciences behind ATS engines and today's evolving resume standards. To date, video production has been on the back burner due to the success of the resume writing program itself.

As in previous roles, Jessica would be responsible for marketing professionals to new potential employers by creating a resume that would place them at the top of ATS engines, increase calls for interview and impress potential employers.

She would not only design a resume for her clients, she would go on to provide extremely affordable services at less than a third of the price her former agencies required. By doing so, she has seen an increase in demand for LinkedIn Revamps, EPKs for the Professional and Marketing One-Sheets, which are pushing back the barriers of entry for clientele and increasing outside interests in their personal brand.

Since launch and through prior independent work for a select list of clientele, Jessica has seen her resumes outperform former resumes developed by competing agencies -- even those she once serviced in the past. Clients are reporting increased calls and e-mails on a daily basis, some receiving calls just hours after submission for a job posting.

Many have seen an increase in their existing salary and have accepted positions of seniority as the result. Jessica has been known to dig deep into a client's history and find merit into those contributions that they have forgotten -- bringing a unique edge to his or her resume project.


Providing content development and writing services to some of today’s top brands in news, travel, journalism, business and technology, Jessica N. Abraham is a writer, blogger, ghostwriter and contributor, actively writing for a  plethora of branded platforms and major news sites.

She contributes to daily web content, informative blogs and breaking news stories at an upwards of 10K words written per day. She provides subject matter expertise in the development of evergreen, creative and curated content (both native and organic) on the topics of local business, entertainment, technology, globalization, career development, innovation, digital gadgetry, travel and more. Individual clients in entertainment, health, business, sports and automotive industries. 

She has written for companies such as: PeopleKeys, TalentZoo, Monster, Beyond, TopResume, USA
Jobs, TMC Net (Technology Marketing Corporation), Digital Pivot, The Muse, Medium, Haley Marketing
Group, AXS, Examiner, CBS Local, McIntosh Marketing and more!

Benzinga | Emerging Markets Writer

Jessica Abraham writes for Benzinga's Emerging Markets column, covering new and emerging markets in Innovative Technology, HealthTech, Edutech, Real Estate, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the Cannabis Industry. She also talks small cap,  finance and investing within the OTC and Publicly-Traded Markets. 

Benzinga Money | Cryptocurrencies & Top 10 Writer

Here, Jessica writes guest articles, on behalf of the company, about Cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Polygon, UniSwap and more. She also ranks and compiles Top-10 lists for Tech Startups and Accelerators, including AI, FinTech, HealthTech and InsurTech organizations in various metropolitan areas across the United States. 

NewsBreak | News Writer - Local News (Ohio) on Business, Technology and the Jobs Industry

Jessica Abraham writes for NewsBreak. Here, she writes about both big business and the startups that keep Ohio ticking and jobs coming into the state. She also writes about technology, including AI, IoT, Big Data, FinTech, HealthTech, Batteries and Electric Vehicles (EVs). 

Medium | News Writer: Business, Technology and the Jobs Industry

Here, Jessica writes about various trends in Technology, Business and the Jobs Industry. She also writes about the corporate workforce and team-building, as well as professional and career development.

The MuseContributing Writer - Career Development

A contributing writer for The Muse, Jessica N. Abraham provides subject matter expertise in the areas of Career and Resume Development. 

Haley Marketing Group | Content Writer & Marketer

Developing content on behalf of recruitment agencies around the United States, Jessica works under NDA, acting as a ghostwriter on behalf of Recruitment, HR and Talent Acquisition Companies. Here, she writes about theJob Industry, Hiring Cycles, Resumes, Personal Development, Professional Development, Careers and more!

Cha Cha in the City | Writer & City Ambassador - Entrepreneurship

Before the pandemic struck, Jessica wrote for Cha Cha in the City, a website dedicated to millennial entrepreneurs, empowering them to take over the world. She was a writer and ambassador, discussing topics such as business development, workforce optimization, leadership and team-building. She also wrote about hiring cycles and when entrepreneurs should consider seeking out top talent. 

PeopleKeys, Inc. | Blogger & Member of the Branding Team

Jessica started writing for PeopleKeys in December of 2018, although she would debut in January for her contributions to DISC Insights, a blog based on the behavior styles and personalities of a professional workforce. Her contributions include topics, such as works on DISC Theory, Corporate Business Practices and Hiring Strategies, Predictive Hiring, Coaching, Team-Building, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Optimization.

She also writes about Leadership, Sales, Prospecting, Personality Types, Productivity, Behavioral Styles, Behavioral Analysis, Globalization,Marketing, Coaching, the Job Industry, Human Resources, Branding, Performance, Solutions-Selling and more!

Gogobot (Now SkyScanner by | City Corespondent 

An active Orlando City Correspondent for a major travel and destination platform, Jessica was contracted by Gogobot, now, Jessica was contracted to visit 50+ hotels in the tourist district and provide truthful reviews of each destination within the web and mobile-based platform. Her work was accompanied by personal photography, highlighting the "best" and "worst" features of each area hotel.

TalentZoo & Digital Pivot | Lead Blogger & Subject Matter Expert

Originally contributing subject matter expertise on the topics Marketing and Career Development, as well as the current sciences behind Professional Resume Writing, Leadership and BrandYOU, Jessica was regularly published on Talent Zoo's various web real estate. Gaining increased attention through for her contributions to Talent Zoo, she was named Lead Blogger for the DigitalPivot news platform, thus earning a promotion as an official member of the Talent Zoo staff.

Writing on topics of New Technologies and Digital Gadgetry, Jessica would go on to drive more traffic to the site than tenured writers, pre-existing within the platform. Her work is currently ranked amongst the highest positions Talent Zoo's vast network of industry-related content. Through captivating content, her work is continuously shared and consumed across multiple social media portals, as much of her work continues to be "evergreen" through present day. A bittersweet goodbye, Jessica left Talent Zoo due to budget cuts in early 2016.

TMC Net | Feature Writer & News Contributor

Jessica was a daily technology news writer for various TMC-related entities, platforms and clientele. With many of her works featured across TMC real estate, she often covered topics of:

✪ ​IoT & Wearables
✪ Web RTC & Unified Communications
✪ Mobile Apps & New Technologies
​✪ Tech Marketing & Trends
✪ Social Media​
✪ ​Security
✪ HRIS Systems & Enterprise Solutions
✪ Cloud Computing & Location-Based Technologies​
✪ Tech Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions

About Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC):

Based in Norwalk, CT and founded in 1972,TMC Net is the world's leading B2B and integrated marketing media company, servicing niche markets within the communications and technology industries.Global buyers rely on TMC's content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. This presents branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities for vendors/sellers.


✪ Internet Telepathy Magazine
✪ Customer Magazine
✪ Cloud Computing Magazine
✪ Mad Marketer
✪ IoT Evolution Magazine
✪ ITExpo 2016
✪ Wearable Tech Expo 2016
✪ Real Time Web Solutions Conference
✪ Real Time Web Solutions Conference
✪ ChannelVision Expo
✪ MSPExpo
✪ SIP Trunking, UC and WebRTC Seminars
✪ IoT Evolution Expo
✪ Connected Home & Building Conference
✪ Connected Transportation Conference
✪ IoT Evolution Fog, Analytics & Data Conference
✪ IoT Evolution Developers Conference
✪ Wearable Technology Expo
✪ IoT Evolution Expo
✪ Connected Home & Building Conference
✪ IoT Evolution Fog, Analytics & Data Conference
… and more.

CBS Local | "Best of" and "Top Destinations" List Writer for Miami & South Florida, "Fresh Faces of Tampa"

Jessica wrote for CBS Local, contributing local content for Miami, South Florida and Tampa Markets. She researched, analyzed and ranked small businesses and local travel destinations for various sectors of industry. Due to the popularity of her work, she was ushered into a special program, sponsored by Nestle, that would allow her to spotlight small businesses owners in the Greater Tampa Area. 

McIntosh Marketing Group | Content Writer & Marketer - RecipeStation & CountrySings

Writing for both RecipeStation and CountrySings, Jessica Abraham was responsible for creating high quality content for high traffic web domains. 

AXS | Beat Writer & Contributor

Covering topics of live music, events and artist exposé, Jessica often wrote about both independent and major label acts. Breaking news and highlighting various talents, she interviewed legends, such as Walter Williams, Sr. from the O'Jays. She covered nostalgia, reminding audiences why they loved classic groups, such as Dru Hill, introduced audiences to OMG Girlz and covered the controversial tone of Immortal Technique.

In 2010, AEG launched its AEG 1EARTH environmental program with the announcement of 2020 environmental goals and the release of the industry's first sustainability report while in 2011, AEG introduced axs Ticketing, the first phase of its new entertainment platform serving as the company's primary consumer brand which will also feature a mobile service as well as a video content service now in development. In summer 2012, in partnership with HDNet, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Creative Artists Agency, AEG launched AXS TV, a new linear cable channel focusing on live entertainment and lifestyle programming available in nearly 40 million home.

AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, owns, controls or is affiliated with a collection of companies including over 100 of the world's preeminent facilities and The O2, a 28-acre development located in the eastern part of London along the Thames River which includes a 20,000-seat arena and over 650,000sf of leisure and entertainment use which are all part of the portfolio of AEG Facilities; AEG Merchandising, a full service merchandising company; and AEG Global Partnerships, responsible for worldwide sales and servicing of sponsorships naming rights and other strategic partnerships.

Examiner | Featured Contributor - Business, Marketing & Social Media

Although Examiner was closed in July of 2016, Jessica became a key contributor, as part of the large team at Examiner. With hundreds of writers driving traffic to the site, it was no surprise that the site had reached over 18M readers on a monthly basis. Contributing subject matter expertise (SME) on Business, Enterprise, Internet Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations;, she was placed into special on-demand writing programs for her writing abilities, engagement and traffic to the site.

Building a reputation for herself as a distinguished writer, she was sought out by various global organizations and asked to write articles about their companies. Her work was then linked to by corporate websites and shared on social media. Frequently ranking at #1 for Marketing and PR categories, she was also placed in the Top 5 for the Orlando Metropolitan Area and in the Top 10 for the national Business category.


While the story of Shorty Produkshins actually begins in 2001, the company was officially formed and had been operating in the State of Florida since Late August of 2003. The history of Shorty Produkshins can be found here, and it is quite an interesting one (if you feel like researching).

Here, Jessica was instrumental to the branding, marketing and public perception of multiple brands and events around the globe. She established Shorty Produkshins in efforts to drive awareness of both established and start-up brands in entertainment, sports, technology and the corporate arena.

She's been integral to the adoption of digital marketing channels, monetized revenue streams and online distribution outlets, resulting in increased awareness and additional income streams for each client and their affiliated brands.

Specializing in social branding, public relations and design strategy, Ms. Abraham built various brands from the ground up -- often developing businesses and defining key tenets before exposure to niche markets around the world. She implemented a number of advanced internet marketing and SEO-related tactics into the delivery of each and every project.

It is important to add that she had been doing this well before it became a trend -- hence, pioneering the company's shift from an independent record label to a widely renown digital marketing agency, based in the Greater Orlando Area.

Actively seeking out and forging strategic partnerships with members of the media, Jessica proudly embraced opportunities for cross-promotion, as her clients began appearing on both traditional and digital media platforms, including radio and streaming television broadcasts -- a few of them nominated for Grammy's and other prestigious awards.

Specializing in social branding and the mastery of new social media platforms, she was often behind the development of large social media presences and has always valued the effectiveness of personal interactions between the consumers and client brands. Mastering the skill of archetypical voice, brand monitoring and persona, her expertise began to grow in the areas of brand messaging and creative content distribution.

She began leaving an imprint in the national event arena, sponsoring and promoting major festivals, coordinating multi-city showcase events and marketing international conferences, often with a cause. She also threw local events, growing alliances with area promoters and celebrities -- packing house on a weekday and building a community, therein. 

In 2019, Jessica decided it was time to end the reign of Shorty Produkshins. She had moved to a new city and saw the opportunity for her Resume.Academy brand to grow. And while Shorty Produkshins, itself, no longer exists, she will be providing similar services under the newly developed brand. With a new era comes a new chapter.


Recruited for her specialized Marketing and SEO capabilities, Jessica was recruited to work for the leading agency in Professional Resume Writing around the world. Talent:Inc services some of today's top brands and go-to sites in job search and career development. Notably amongst the top 10% of writers within the organization, she joined forces the agency to service VIP Clientele from executive-level positions, while also designing and developing industry-standard resumes for entry-level professionals, scientists, medical practitioners, IT specialists and military personnel.

Whether rewriting a resume to showcase achievements over duties, formatting existing resumes or developing content to make sure clients get through ATS systems, each one was treated as a top candidate in their career journey. Placing them above competition in various roles, many clients have reported that they are now earning upper six-figure income -- a dramatic increase from existing salaries in their field. Most report that they have received interview requests within a few days, if not hours, and that they are now gaining momentum within their job search.

Crafting resumes for many prestigious clientele and industry innovators, Jessica averaged 25 to 40 VIP resumes a week. Some of these projects included phone consultation and resume strategy sessions. Others included the customizing of LinkedIn profiles, the development of cover letters and providing follow-up messages to prospective employers. For her hard work, dedication and customer service excellence, Jessica received much accolade for her quick project turn-around, strategy, writing and results.


Initially commissioned as the official Design Strategist for the start-up "edu-tainment" broadcast, Jessica designed graphics, flyers and a logo for The Sabir Bey Show. As the weeks progressed, she took a more dominant role in the direction and branding of the new media outlet, earning notoriety, as Director of Marketing & Public Relations. Seeing the show out-live four seasons before resigning to pursuit other endeavors, she was named Producer during live broadcast, assisting in the transition from LA Talk Live to a new home at RMC On Air, a media center owned by the famous Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA.

Since replaced by a new design, it was Jessica who established the first social network and entertainment hub for the show. Implementing digital downloads, a news blog and e-commerce platform, she allowed users to chat about the show in real-time, discussing topics of law, civics, history, society, media and hip hop -- mirroring the format of the weekly live streaming broadcast. She designed and launched a mobile version for "on the go," combining various web platforms, a solid social presence and personalized mobile experience. The app became available in Google Play stores, late 2015.

Becoming increasingly popular, the show spawned offshoots, including "Hip Hop Edition," "Actuality Show" and various other works. Through increased popularity, Host and Creator, Sabir Bey, saw an influx of demand for appearances, lectures and consultation.

A remote producer for the show, Jessica took charge in all Marketing, Social Branding and Public Relations initiatives, converting traffic into regular viewership and support. This grew the station’s presence from 2-4M weekly viewers in over 180 countries to 4-8M just during the live broadcast at LA Talk Live. Once migrated to RMCOnAir, the show quickly retained existing viewership, broadcasted from the new media center and finding its way onto new media platforms, including live airing at all 8 restaurant locations.


Part of a weekly radio show on both the web and FM radio, Jessica was not only known as an energetic co-host and radio personality, she was also an Engineer and Director of Marketing & Public Relations. While the show is currently on hiatus, Jessica transformed the identify of a well-established radio show and increased global listenership through implementation of critical restructure and rebranding efforts.

Promoting independent artists and brands had always been the format of Playas Mob Radio. But, it became those interviews with major label talents and industry executives that quickly stole the attention of new listeners and gave a new platform for upcoming talents to be heard by the right people. Scouting this talent became part of the job description and led to the development of a Talent Scout program -- awarding Talent Scouts for targeting independent artists and business owners through strategic Word of Mouth and MLM-based initiatives. With the program now in place, more focus was then given to booking major label acts and growing listenership.

New media initiatives allowed the show to bridge gaps commonly found between the media and the independent industry. Establishing ties with new outlets allowed for growth and expansion of the brand's vision. It reached 28-share at its peak, broadcasting simultaneously via 6 FM stations across Florida. Reaching 18+ major cities and surrounding counties, it was no surprise when the show grew to 300K+ weekly listeners via web broadcast and popular mobile applications.

Rapidly gaining global attention, she established an online presence, which provided listeners with on-demand streaming content, a dedicated social network and articles written about their favorite artists. She made it possible for artists to network and be contacted by industry executives, Ttripling online listenership in little under a year. The site served as a central hub for an online persona that represented "all things Playas Mob."


Taking on a year-long project with a start-up, based in Orlando, Florida, Jessica N. Abraham quickly rose from a paid blogger to project manager of the site. She began recruiting college students and young adults to join the platform -- daring them to be honest and simply speak their minds. 


Ms. Abraham started a 24/7 consultation line on the Ingenio advice platform. Clients would call around the clock to discuss Entertainment Business, Marketing and Branding-related issues, seeking consultation and counseling, as their brands began to take off. Coming into their success (or newfound success), brands started to hire Jessica on a retainer basis. This ultimately led to the demise of J. Abraham Consultants -- but, a demise that was much welcomed.


A timeline that begins with the onset of Shorty Produkshins, Shorty's Playground is actually what led the magic to happen. Dubbed "Shorty's Playground" by former artists and producers on the Shorty Produkshins label, Shorty's Playground was a full-service recording studio with locations in Orlando, Florida and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As Shorty Produkshins began to evolve, the company stemmed in two separate directions. The studio, itself, opened to the public -- whereas before, it was a private studio only opened to those invited. As Shorty Produkshins evolved further, the studio began providing more of their services to content creators and the studio, again, became private. 


Jessica joined a team of young marketers to bring a fresh new app to Facebook's growing web presence. In the early days of social gaming, Qlique was an innovator, inviting college students to create profiles, chat and play games long before the days of Farmville and DinerDash. A location-based platform, students could track their friends, find area events and quiz their compatibility, therein. It was Jessica's job to recruit new users and bring awareness to the platform. Under contract for two semesters, she moved on to other projects.


TOP-TEN RESUME COMPANY IN ORLANDO | Find My Profession__________________________________________________________________________
Voted one of Orlando’s Best Resume Writers for Five Years in a Row, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

ON-AIR PROMOTION | The Sabir Bey Show___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Promoted as Producer during Live, On-air Broadcast, 2014

COURSE DIRECTOR AWARDS | Full Sail University____________________________________________________________________________________________
Defining Client Needs, 2010
✪ Mobile Marketing & Commerce, 2009
✪ Internet Marketing & Web Search, 2009
✪ Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution, 2009
✪ Project & Team Management, 2008

VARIOUS OTHER AWARDS & HONORS________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Web Panelist on Internet Marketing & Social Branding – Pivoting Digital, 2017
✪ Awarded Authorship of Nestlé-Sponsored “Fresh Faces” Campaign – CBS Local, 2016
✪ Asked to Speak at Various Conferences & Events
✪ Earned Multiple Long-Term Titles within Client Organizations for Excellence in Servicing
✪ Won Multiple Scholarships for Academic and Community Excellence – Full Sail Education, 2008 to 2011
✪ Nominated for Three (3) Shorty Awards, 2010
✪ Named National Promoter for HowUDewin, Atlanta’s Art Stimulus Program, 2009
✪ Earned Executive Producer Credit on (5) 2008 Summer Projects for Grammy Nominated & Winning Acts
✪ Artists Marketed & Accepted to Major Recording Labels


Associate of Science in Recording Arts
Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business & Law
Master of Science in Internet Marketing
Master of Science in Entertainment Business
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Media Design

Jessica N. Abraham is an internationally certified professional writer and editor with the IAPWE,  certified in both DISC-based Behavioral Analysis and Behavioral-Selling from PeopleKeys, and is on her way to become certified in Solutions Architecture via Amazon Web Services (AWS). CompTia A+ Certified.